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  1. My friend's a "Buyer". Has a flat which he bought some years back and is worth more or less what he paid for it. Fine. Has equity though as he paid off large chunks off his mortgage like a good boy should. No other debt. Looking to buy a bigger place in a "good" area and all he tells me is there's nothing about. He's getting married and his fiance's making very good money. Seems when a place goes on the market as the old days punters are getting bidding. Two potentials for him have fallen out of bed. One seller wouldn't accept a derisory bid. BTL crap in Thamesmead is rightfully worthless. But I live in a conservation area and a tidy listed cottage came up and is now sold in a month. Hyped rubbish is stagnant but it seems not everyone is skint....
  2. No I do not work for the Grauniad! Whilst a lot of property is going through the block, some property is in a minimal way selling in the normal EA fashion. 40% down at auction is to be expected. i.e. repo killer deals. But any solvent citizen in the UK is probably in positive equity. And is trundling along per normal as long as he has employment. BTL vermin are suffering with luck. But 40% across the board at auction? what is the stock? X5's and Range Rovers are crashing and burning. But frugul small hatchback diesels are still doing OK. Statistics...
  3. I don't think auction prices truly reflect the 'market'. They're like 'trade' prices for cars. Dealers but cars at auction at cost and sell for retail. Ordinary punters have neither the funds (in place) nor experience to buy. Prices are tanking. But auction prices only reflect one aspect of the market..
  4. Steady on old chap! Bit goose-steppy aren't we?! I've a few tyres in my garage. Shall we drag these people out their beds and burn them alive in the streets a la Africa? Personal financial implosion will suffice.
  5. I understand Starc-nts and its ilk were (partly) responsible for driving this rather old magnificent relic out of business. http://www.urban75.org/london/piccadilly.html http://trustedplaces.com/review/uk/london/...-new-piccadilly A fantastic venue and most agreeable. I often went when I was oop West. Charming and fantastic value. Forgive me for being a luddite in the F.Dibnah mould but sitting in a grotesque khazi full of utterly deluded imbeciles who choose to drink overpriced shit in a 'trendy' atmosphere is hideous. Same sort of cretins who subscribe to the BMW is a good 'image' image! From MC D's to General Motors. A Rubbish product. Scheming marketing hoovered up by sheeple. Only when Starc-nt's is gone will a wry smile appear... Fingers crossed!
  6. It's a forum so I'm happy to debate! My pal had a '75 MkIII which had obscene rot in the front inner wings. That was just the start. The horse hair insulation type material held water and away those inner wings went. I agree they rot like anything else though. Bonnet,floors,sills etc. Anything 60's/70's British/Italian and even German are usually riddled with rot. A true full on restoration on a Jensen is a no-no due to economics. The adage is to buy the best you can afford. Which at 35 is what you're doing. If I wanted a hybrid then I'd go Gordon Keeble. Don't get me wrong I like the Interceptor but the FF's for a masochist (or eccentric). The convertibles are very tasty and the yanky lump is bombproof as long as it doesn't get too hot... In fact did they build a few dropheads in '95? The O.I V8's are '82 on and much better built with decent injection and a better finish. Usually only the sills go on them. At 5k a side!! If you buy wise then 35k should get you a very tasty Aston in todays market. Good luck with your search!
  7. They also rot like there's no tomorow, have that hideously expensive unique ferguson 4wd system (and front wings) and consume fossil fuel like a 7 litre 2 ton inefficient barge should. i.e. wrong side of 10mpg toe down. 35k? If you must have a machine of this genre then an O.I. Aston is where the clever money go's. Ok not tax exempt but that's such a small price of yearly ownership costs. An Interceptor? Avoid.
  8. This is utterly true. Look at the price of a 993 '97 R C4S and a '98 R 996 C4S. About 10 grand difference!!! Punters vote with their wallets! Put a 996/7 driver in a 993 and they'll walk away in disgust at how horrid it drives. W&nkers. A water cooled 911 is a Porsche shaped Porsche. Boxsters,Cayennes et al are non thoroughbred excreta for the same imbeciles that like a Range Rover Sport. Non thoroughbred throw away rubbish. If it aint air cooled it's junk. (save as Stuckmojo says the hard core limited production beasts like GT3 RS's etc..)
  9. Gents and Lasses, New, Been lurking for donkeys years but I think today is a fine day to comment. Here we are. The eye of the storm. The meathead Range Rover/X5 driving vermin with laughable pathetic doctored number plates who climbed out of their station will shortly go back to where they belong. 1, Rampant borrowing/leverage to buy worthless excreta, i.e. holidays,kitchens,gucci/vuitton bags,4WD's (Mini Convertibles for her..). Ok (to them) if you are employed and don't mind the tide climbing round your neck. Most of these fools are working class and may lose their jobs. Quick death. If they don't they're on slow death road with SVR with neg equity and fook all no deposit. 2, BTL imbeciles. As above idiots. Inside Track caught their ear on LBC and they jumped in. Or they were uber clever and went alone. Bragging round dinner parties about owning 4 gafs and 2 more on the way. Die. BTL. An investment! Lets get this straight. Save 600 quid a month for two years and you've sweated for 14 grand. I tell you what, you aint gonna spend that willy nilly. Easy to spend easy money. Investment! Many moons ago you saved. Then you bought. Apply that logic to anything. Single mothers and Civil Servants buying 2nd properties. It was doomed to fail. An investment in my view is, after all your ex's is when you save some pounds which you OWN and invest. Like art etc. Read the markets. Spend wise. This whole rotten mess is down to greed and stupidity. NuLabia eco miracle. My ringpiece. I sat on the beach on my deckchair with a Cornish mivi whilst Mr Meathead sailed so far out on his strapped up 2 berth that he's run out of diesel. Oh dear there's a storm coming and his boat's leaking too! Water finds its own level. It's gonna be messy! I have some investments. Not gold or shares. Art based. Old art. Rare and virtually zero supply with a small global demand. The average BTL'er wouldn't know the difference between a Hockney and Hello magazines pull out Catona article. I have no pity. Just a tinge of anger this was allowed to occur by Labia and the tax payer's picking up the bill.
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