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  1. http://www.cnbc.com/id/32567374 A leading indicator? Looks like trouble could be ahead for the markets.
  2. I spoke to a former work mate today and the company I used to work for (decent sized structural engineering firm) has just notified all staff of another wave of cuts in the next couple of months. Around 20% went last year and another 15-20% are going now with a decent pay cut for all staff. He also spoke to a friend who works at another firm and they are about to do the same. Anyone else seeing this?
  3. I don't think McStalin will be able to keep the plates spinning until the election. Too many of them are starting to wobble.
  4. HSBC recently said that the Krone will be the safest currency in the world over the coming years.
  5. Don't give me that shit! A normal handshake has the hands vertical and the thumbs interlocked. If you do it like a mason then your mother must have dropped you on your head because it doesn't come naturally to do it that way.
  6. I had a meeting with my manager at HSBC yesterday. The suggestion was rising rates towards the end of this year/early next year. This was her opinion on it anyway, not sure if it was based on any inside knowledge.
  7. Nope. Just you Noel. We have all the secrets and we're not telling you, so there!
  8. http://www.corbettreport.com/articles/2009...thner_audit.htm Video interview at the above link.
  9. Yep. Hardly got a mention on the Blatant ******** Corporation today. They found plenty of time to suck Bernanke's **** though.
  10. He just posted a few above you at #1457.
  11. I wonder what the US GDP figure for Q3 is shaping up to be then? I reckon they will "magically" produce a +0.1% figure just so they can shout "recession over". Place your bets..........
  12. It's buried because I had trouble finding it, it's in small type half way down the bloody homepage! The Bernanke news is headlining all over the economic sites at the moment and there is hardly any mention of this. So far.
  13. Bernanke is back in because the market wants him back in. Obama wanted Summers in. This Bernanke announcement has been made today in order to fool the market and bury the bad news. It won't bury it for long though. Next leg down starting very soon when this "buried" news feeds through to the markets and the message sinks in.
  14. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...id=aEFhwGa0bs3M Looks like Bernanke is in for the long haul. Good luck Ben, you're gonna need it!
  15. The original post was on Sep 30 2007 btw.
  16. I hope it applies to past and future. This could be fun.
  17. Does this apply to past loans as well as future loans?
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