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  1. Nice one. DOW 9321.55 -174.73 -1.84% NASDAQ 1969.48 -39.58 -1.97% S&P 500999.71 -20.91 -2.05% September is off to an interesting start!
  2. BUMPITY BUMP. CHINA SSEC 2,667.75 -192.94 -6.74% US DOW 9459.03 -85.17 -0.89% NASDAQ 2003.04 -25.73 -1.27% S&P 500 1017.05 -11.88 -1.15%
  3. Well I might do if I could understand what you mean, but I don't. So I won't.
  4. That's makes a little bit of logical sense, so probably not what Erranta was aiming at.
  5. You might get a whole lot less than sod all over the coming months if you're not careful. BDI is screaming dead cat bounce in stocks.
  6. What in the name of ****** has Jack Bauer (fictional btw) got to do with the Rothschilds?
  7. Indeed, even to the point of inciting the wrath of the US.
  8. :angry: :angry: :angry: Would you stop bringing you public sector VI ******** into every ******ing thread!
  9. I reckon the realisation that the bouncy cat is dead should set in this week or next.
  10. According to family history, Nathan - Peter Mandelson's great-great-grandfather - was the son of Polish Jew Naphtali Felthusen. Felthusen was a colonel in the 13th Polish Lancers and fought with the Russian 1st Army against Napoleon's invading French forces in 1812. For his bravery in battle, Felthusen was awarded a coat of arms by the King of Poland, but he was killed in a skirmish as the French retreated across the River Niemen, in modern-day Lithuania, later that year. Nathan, however, rebelled against the Russian yoke and became involved in the 1825 Decembrist plot to overthrow Tsar Nicholas I. His reward, according to family tradition, was to be declared King of Poland for a day. When the Tsarist secret police began hunting the plotters, Nathan fled, making his way to England in 1829. On arrival, he changed his surname to Mandelson to throw Imperialist secret agents off his scent. Forced to earn his passage to England, Nathan had worked as a baker, a trade in which he made great use of almonds, or 'mandel' in German. He had cooked up a unique family name. In 1830, Nathan married Phoebe, daughter of Jacob Levy Cohen, of Leicester. The Leicester Cohens were related to a woman named Hannah Cohen who married Nathan Mayer. Mayer would go on to found a banking dynasty and become the first Lord Rothschild - giving Peter Mandelson a family link to the Rothschild clan.
  11. FP = great. Beeny = luke warm. EA = thick VI [email protected] Nolan = fat thick VI [email protected]
  12. The insiders started getting out about 3 months ago and it was widely reported on CNBC etc at the time. The volumes are so low that current levels are meaningless. Watch what happens in the next few weeks as they come back from holiday.
  13. "Sen. Jay Rockefeller..........." That's all you need to know from that article. Rothschilds running our end and Rockefellers running their end. As per f*cking usual.
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