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  1. Erm..... How is the UK in a better position than Germany in 2010? WTF?
  2. Change the bloody thread title back then. Nobody even knows WTF this thread is about from looking at that title on the main page.
  3. You're the biggest whinger of them all FFS! Then you start crying because someone else has an opinion you don't like.
  4. If they want their gold, they will have to get past McStalin first!
  5. Even the beeb are having a go. Nokias will be flying in No. 10 tonight!
  6. Lots of it is probably being used to prop up our bankrupt banks behind the scenes.
  7. Same here. Similar things happening in my family. I hope France and Germany pull out of this and avoid the next phase leaving us behind just so that ba*tard is left with nothing but his limp stimulus package exposed for all to see. Total humiliation. I can't wait to see that f*cker kicked out next year. :angry:
  8. That'll be McStalin by the time the election is finished with him.
  9. Or perhaps it's all just a load of gambling ******** run by a few "special" organisations who use "special" systems to guide it in the direction they see fit.
  10. 09/09/09 Better call the fire brigade, economy about to go up in smoke!
  11. If this is true, then how does this sit with Bernanke's "Everything looks good in the short term" speech from a few days ago? He's either a stupid ****** or an lying ******. If it's true.
  12. Just on the breaking news ticker on sky. Please accept the challange Gordo, there's not enough good comedy on the tv anymore. The petition can be signed here: http://skynewsleadersdebate.epetitions.net/
  13. I know there's been much talk on here about something being afoot in September/October but I didn't think anything would happen on the bloody first day of September! I was going to make some moves next week but I might just do it first thing in the morning now.
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