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  1. Don't let fear rule you Bill. I prefer to call a spade a spade. Wrong is wrong, no matter what religion is involved.
  2. Bill, Our stand-in prime minister (Peter Mandelson) is just back from a stay with the Rothschild family in Corfu. He hangs around with them quite a lot. You say you have changed your opinions on the Rothschilds etc. Can you please explain why your views have changed?
  3. I'm not even sure the propping up of the banks is working. Why do we need another 50 billion QE? I reckon the balance sheet black hole is even bigger than they originally thought. Will another 50 billion even be enough I wonder?
  4. Certainly not much relaxing going on around here. I think a fair few of us feel a sense of unease going into September.
  5. Nice one Radge. He actually makes my blood boil. Add to sig please Bruce.
  6. Watch his reaction on this tv show last week: Bernanke to the sheeple: don't even THINK about auditing the Fed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvM3NP0rZjQ Bernanke is shitting it. It's obvious.
  7. Why does Bernanke appear to be visibly shitting himself then? It's no act.
  8. I think Bernanke knows the jig is up. Just look at the body language, very ill at ease. He doesn't even believe the things he says but he has to say them.
  9. That article was really bad. It's like something a writer at the Sun would produce. Simplistic and ignorant.
  10. RON PAUL SLAMS BERNANKE ON DEFINITION OF INFLATION JULY 21, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbeP80uQEi8 RON PAUL INTERVIEW ON CNBC KUDLOW - INFLATION DEBATE JULY 21, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnoUYRhMaWE
  11. It's laughable. The whole thing is hanging together with scotch tape now.
  12. I'm sure it would at least make a vast improvement but I would have to see it in action. I'm not sure what a proper government looks like yet because our system is FUBAR thanks to the bankers.
  13. Stop them from controlling the government for a start.
  14. Late last year we had Hank Paulson take congress into a room and threaten them with Martial Law if they didn't give money to the banks. So basically,an ex-employee of Goldman Sachs threatens congress to pay Goldman Sachs or else. What is wrong with this picture? Who actually controls who?
  15. I just want a system that is detached from the bloody financiers! :angry: They have taken over the levers of power! The ponzi scams brought us to the brink and the government still sits back and does sod all. In fact better than that, the governent gives them trillions for free after they almost brought the whole f*cking thing down on us! WTF????
  16. A system that allows us to be able to afford a house would be a good fu*king start! Instead of the bankers raping most of us for every penny we have!
  17. Good question. Here are a few things I would define as "trouble": Failure of a significant financial institution in the US/UK Bond market failure Stock market plunge Nasty dose of Pandemic Flu Military event Terrorist event
  18. Number of failed US banks per month 2009 http://portalseven.com/servlets/Finance?ac...=finFailedBanks
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