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  1. Yep. The money flood should give McStalin enough of a pump in the government spending part of the GDP equation to give it a positive blip before Christmas. This fudging of the figures will allow him to call an end to the recession. He is only trying to keep the plates spinning until after the election IMO.
  2. A recession is officially deemed over when GDP turns positive for one quarter, even if this is followed by another negative quarter afterward. It's total ******** but that's how it works.
  3. ? A recession is two negative quarters of GDP.
  4. Stop trolling bateman. And put that avatar away FFS.
  5. GDP will get a nice big bump from the government spending part of the equation, while the real economy continues to go down in flames.
  6. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Fed-says-eco...ml?x=0&.v=7
  7. This is THE KEY ISSUE for me. The banks are still bankrupt and we continue to have people on here wondering why they won't lend. Huge defaults in CRE/Option-ARMs/Alt-A/Credit cards still lie ahead of the banks. FFS keep up at the back.
  8. How come this [email protected] is allowed to start threads now and Sibley is banned from doing so? :angry:
  9. That's because the US government has been holding off on foreclosures but it seems the flood gates may be opening now. Just wait until the Option-ARM/Alt-A defaults start next year.
  10. Great video Eric. Next year will be a bloodbath when all these CRE,Alt-A/Option ARM and credit card defaults start to snowball.
  11. "Insolvent banks refuse to hand out money shocker"
  12. A couple of my school friends became bankers. I would say they have average intelligence at best compared to those who went on to work in sciences, engineering, medicine etc You don't actually need to be that clever to get into banking.
  13. If Carlsberg did a house price crash, it'd look like Northern Ireland! It's down around the same amount as the US in about half the time!
  14. Ever the optimist CST. It's gonna get pretty bad though.
  15. The will call it almost anything except the early stages of a depression.
  16. WTF is it with all these trolls this evening! They seem to come out in droves on a bad news day.
  17. I think xcojo has created a new user after being humiliated beyond redemption yesterday. Or it might just be Rinoa again.
  18. Whatever - I read your posts on here. You and xcojo (when gdp goes down it actually goes up) are the biggest dunce hatters in here.
  19. How the f*ck can the word recovery even be wedged into these two sentences? Why can't they just call it a dead cat bounce?
  20. I hadn't thought of that but it makes a lot of sense.
  21. Just what part of "quarter will see positive growth due to the government's stimulus spending" do you not understand? Replacing the consumer spending with government spending might be a nice way to fudge the GDP figures, but it won't last very long unless they can keep the stimulus packages coming.
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