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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AZRMZl8Ug8 This song was released yesterday on the new Megadeth album.
  2. It really is that simple RK. Well summed up. Lehman was sacrificed to save GS via AIG. GS didn't fund Obama and his campaign just to get f*ck all in return.
  3. More total ******** from another GS shill. Whatever is done, you can bet your ass it will benefit GS and bury some of the competition.
  4. This is a very dangerous move IMO. He is only using this "I saved you all" speech to try to salvage his healthcare agenda, but this speech on the economy will come back to haunt him if the U.S. recovery is not sustainable into next year. Very risky.
  5. You don't half talk a load of ******** Bateman. You have the worst avatars on this site as well.
  6. Agreed. She's one of the only economic analysts worth listening to at the moment. Sticking to her guns, unlike a few others we could mention.
  7. http://www.cnbc.com/id/32773345 The stock market doesn't seem to like her latest prediction.
  8. I'm not sure Alex Jones even had much to do with this. Charlie Sheen seems to be doing it all and using Jones to spread the word.
  9. I tuned in there on the links on this page: http://www.infowars.com/listen.html He is about to interview Charlie Sheen now. This is what seems to be happening: Sheen has formally requested a 20min interview with Obama and the questions he will be asking about 911 have been posted on the Alex Jones site ahead of time to make sure the media can't twist the actual interview (if it happens) afterwards.
  10. It better be feckin' good after all this hype he's giving it!
  11. How "big" have his previous "big announcements" been? What was the "biggest" before today?
  12. Mandy would be the keeper. I'm sure he'd be great at "keeping the end up" at the back.
  13. 15% went in my old office last year (Structural Engineering) and another 10% are now going in November. Grim.
  14. Indeed. Kneale is so fu*kin' stupid that he didn't even seem to realise he was handing the win to KD on a plate.
  15. Yep. All on the way. I would just like to add the residential Option-ARM/Alt-A defaults that will hit in 2010/2011 as well.
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