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  1. As they are pretty small maybe they can just form a new country. Call it something different ... say Sunnysea. No one will notice and then they can slip back in and carry on? Just a passing thought. Maybe they will want a new primeminister too? Hmmm.
  2. Mums not gone to Iceland. Mums gone to bankruptcy court. The only frozen thing there are her assets.
  3. I have an icelandic friend and he is a really nice guy, and not at all snootish. I know you didn't say this but I don't think I would wish a poor life upon him, merely because a minority made some very foolish decisions. If we did then we would have no friends at all, even in our misserable country. I use the word misserable to reflect the fact we seem to wade in missery in this place. As for them being bankrupt. Yes it will cause them some short term distress. But Argentina emerged from a similar bankrupt situation. And they have great beef, so something is working for them. Icelend has excellent natural geothermal resources if I recall correctly. So at least they have energy and heat. Food could be a bit tricky though. Maybe they can buddy up with beefy Argentina or something?
  4. We will give them parachutes too for when they jump from the planes, but unfortunately they will still 'drop like stones'. However they will be happy in the knowledge that they aren't in fact dropping, they are in fact rising so everything is happy.
  5. Nope. lets get this right. UK investors chase a high paying account (gamble). They lose. Our government decides 100% payouts appropriate based upon their own judgment and not any former agreement. The overseas goverment says, "well that's your promise, good luck to you, bye" and we complain??? Am I the only one lost on why the heck we expect a foreign country to fully reimburse foreign investors based upon no prior agreement? OK it's not an true reflection of the complex situation but that's they way I see it.
  6. To correct you GM are not a bank. GMAC are the bank behind them and the ones with the mortgage arm. Not GM.
  7. Well that's easy, which lasted the test of time and is still being made? How about a Capri though? With Daz and Shaz across the windscreen, now that sells it.
  8. I've noticed the same. Terraced houses I guess shout out cheap?? The estate agent I viewed reworded all the 'terraced houses' to 'cottages'! Are they kidding. They're flipping terraced houses, millions of the buggers. Just cos you call it a cottage doesn't mean I am suddenly going to view it with rose tinted glasses, pay through the nose and think "oh what a unique cottage, I never realised a cottage would be joined to hundreds of others just the same" built for former mill workers. Got to love their enthusiasm.
  9. Vauxhall are just UK brandname for Opel. Same cars.
  10. I wouldn't bet on it. GM is far too big a deal to the US as are Ford, Chrysler etc. They won't be allowed to go under or become a minority. Last weeks figures had them losing 15% sales year on year for the quarter. Admittedly not great, but actually bloomin marvelous compared to all the others e.g. Toyota were around 30% down!!! Already the US government have promised investment in automotive technology (read a subsidy). Can't see them going but they will have to continue adjusting to the new markets. If they can last four years they will be through the bad patch. There will always be a market for cars, GM are just having to get rid of the SUV range and adjust to a market that suddenly wants economy in a former life that wanted bigger and better gas guzzlers. Plus the credit crunch of course!
  11. Put them under your bed, they'll be safe there until the burglars clear you out. Seriously what's the panic about. If you keep savings in UK FSA regulated banks and keep them under £50K you are safe. It's that simple. The world is going mad. Typo - the world has 'gone' mad.
  12. It's probably all a bit harsh on the Icelandic. Let's face it with such a small population what's the chance of any one of them knowing really what to do? If you look at the odds we have 68,000,000 population and we didn't get it right (three times and counting or is it more). So for a 300,000 population to screw up, well its to be expected really.
  13. I like that one LOL. That's because the Icelandishers are too busy spending our money to waste their time singing. Or are they singing all the time as they drink to our prosperity?
  14. I guess it seemed logical to them that they were. They are kind of close ... ish, well not that close, but anyway.
  15. Iceland isn't and hasn't applied to be a member of the EU. It's just a European Free Trade Association member. I can't see a broke country giving a damn about the rules really can you? Actually interesting fact was they only adopted up to around 5% of EU regulations. Bet this isn't one of them!
  16. I assume that's what you are saying you want? Iceland has a population of 300,000. My home town has more people than that. You expect a country that size to have some amazing form of corporate governance backed by huge wealth. Good luck on that one. Best endavours is what you will get. No doubt they will pay out ... in the end ... years later.
  17. Not sure what the people above want. It's a foreign company that's it. Just because it's a bank doesn't make it a special case. If I invest in shares in China for example then where's my payout when they drop in value? Invest in UK FSA regulated companies and you are covered by the UK. Invest elsewhere and you takes your chances as they say.
  18. You're right, they could do. They already charge £25 for a letter I never wanted, so they know the rates already.
  19. I think you may be right that it is technically trivial, but its a fact that they police it very strongly. Our firm witnessed staff and PC being removed by the police because they were surfing the internet. So unless we employ millions of police then we are nowhere near securing it as well as they do. Lets face it, our police can't be bothered arresting dangerous drivers let alone someone browsing the scandelous HPC site.
  20. What an amusing set of posts so far. If anarchy has set in then I am scared. I saw an old lady buy a loaf of bread today! Yes she bought one loaf so the end of the world is nigh. Whilst we are on the subject, expect its old news, the Bank of Origami in Japan has just folded.
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