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  1. Bank with Tesco. I think not. I know it's 'potentially' a different division but still: http://www.computerworlduk.com/news/security/3373452/tesco-website-heavily-criticised-for-security-flaws/
  2. The >70% LTV is incredible. Really really bad lending. Other mainstream banks simply won't get into the >70% market for obvious reasons and certainly not to those percentages. There is way worse to come with the existing forbearance figures and >70 LTV almost 50% of its BTL book is >80% LTV ffs! If UK buy the shares the politicians need hanging. This lame dog needs to be put out of its misery.
  3. Then prices would not have increased so rapidly since valuations would have been closer to one another wouldn't they? Or are you being ironic.
  4. November sell trigger. Those 'insiders' will be lucky to buy a packet of fags and a lotto ticket by then.
  5. Bots on the web. There are no bots. We are all real peoples. I really like your blog and your opinions were written perfectly, perhaps you would please look at my blog We have a special offer just for you.
  6. I think it's a gay pride festival. I heard mention of rings, an opening ceremony and some men in a boat thanking their cox.
  7. We're not even close to the bottom. Mark my words. There's some more credit crunch news to yet come out and this recession is gathering pace too. We'll see further drops this year and next.
  8. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/travel/2018815916_webtroubleshooter31.html It's gone international. The rip off that is the UK rental market, and I quote "But when he and his wife arrived in late May, they found the opposite of what they'd expected. The apartment was in a depressed, crime-ridden part of London, he says. And it was a mess. "It was a far cry from what was represented in the flat description and pictures," he added. After one night, they checked out and requested a full refund from Find a Flat, the company through which they'd rented the place." And sadly the Beeb isnt ever going to iplayer the original comical interview with the greedy wench.
  9. I like the thought if it being a house full of dwarfs. Much more fun and would put a smile on my face.
  10. +1 Surely debt forgiveness for homeowners is dead easy and very cost effective. A debt of zero is a doddle to foregive. Cameroon could make it his policy too.
  11. Thats just the entrance isn't it? There are no doors for the other major blocks either side and the bins are in front of the little thing. If it isn't then the neighbours are incredible putting their bins in the tiny front yard.
  12. Theyre spunking the shareholders money up the wall it seems. They would have made a profit if not for the employees share option scheme it says! Staff first, investors last. Half price shares have some more way to drop with that ethos IMPO. We called it a crock of [email protected] when they went on sale at over $35. The towns missing their fools have now found them.
  13. Those bedrooms are a joke. The double bed seems to touch the radiator. So where are the cupboards and drawers for clothes supposed to go? £100K is taking the p1ss.
  14. So £500 a year for the privilege of paying a bank interest. Sounds like a bargain (blowing raspberry sound).
  15. They won't be happy until they kill the gilt market and then they're stuffed. Pensions plummet even further, and lose the grey vote. They've lost the kids already. And before someone tells me the BoE is controlling this, pull the other one. Government debt and BoE policy are inextricably linked.
  16. Good post. All those coffee shops and sandwich shops will suffer with nobody in the offices for the next two weeks. I suspect the shops that sell consumer tat will catch-up when the fools return, or at least make up good ground.
  17. Ratings agencies say GB keeps its credit rating because the economy will pick up 3rd or 4th quarter. Few days later GB drops base rate because it clearly thinks not. Ha ha. As others pointed out. Base rate has no reality towards the real cost of borrowing and interest rates, so all a mute point.
  18. Unfortunately kite fliers only look up and will never look down to read and understand it. Best bet is to stand, stare, feign interest, look at a price then look shocked or even better fake a heart attack or laugh out aloud. Actually I do like you letter idea. Printer is getting warmed up.
  19. Great post, thanks. The interviewer has his head stuck in the sand. I get the feeling JD will have to be the laughing stock until it all happens. Then the UK will be in such sh1t they won't care that JD was right. We've definately seen a massive increase in debt. And lower income. The two don't compliment each other and JD is spot on. It's so bloomin obvious. I'm glad I am sitting on cash. My plan B is becoming plan A to get the feck out of this country when it kicks off, and let all the idiots stew with their half million pound houses that they cant sell. Half a million - when in the world was 66% of a lifetimes pre tax income a good price for a house? Idiots.
  20. Never before seen low interest rates. Well this article bodes well for those with mortgages doesn't it I wonder why I am not buying ...... strokes beard.
  21. Surprised it was moved too. I'll keep looking for the iPlayer sessions so you can all have a laugh. But hidden here I doubt anyone will see it
  22. And comments say Starbucks and others too. Coffee houses were still making great money during the first recession. I'm calling it a depression and its far from over.
  23. Thanks for the link. Comments were priceless. It just shows how stupid people can be when they see dollar signs. The proportion who got burned according to the article is incredible. And you do have to wonder what effect desperate landlords will have on the market in large numbers around London. But then again perhaps they are so in debt they can't afford to 'give it away' so may become forced sellers? Could happen.
  24. This morning on the World service there was a rental story. The woman interviewed had rented her house out during the olympics to a Russian tv crew. £8000! and she was therefore going to go away on holiday and considered it easy money. Apparently yesterday they dropped out. I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg and I would LMAO at those greedy landlords who have lost out, whilst kicking their tenants out. Apparently hotels have loads of free rooms and are now discounting them, so why would you pay over the odds? Sorry, can't see it posted on iPlayer yet. PS I blame the flying ant day on the dropouts of the rentals. Well it's either that or the weather and the weathers been great of late, so flying ants fault it is then. And the economy too, they messed it up.
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