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  1. I'd use one. Imagine a house built to your specification for a fraction of the cost. Beats buying a paper thin shoebox that doesn't meet your requirements. Completely logical that this will occur. Building remains one of the few manual procedures and it doesn't take a genius to do it. It's just a repeatable process that computers and machines are ideal for.
  2. Don't feed the trolls or this thread will get demoted to that forum. Back to OP. If 40 is FTBer then I presume number of kids being born will plummet. 40 is old to start a family. High house prices = fatality for long term economy.
  3. That'll be the New England Complex Systems Institute. Nice charts there. Anyway quote: "The Food Crises: The US Drought" released today is a new and disturbing update, this time evaluating the impact of the summer 2012 drought on global food prices. Beyond remedial moves to reduce the amount of corn converted to ethanol, Bar-Yam said a key concern among policy makers should be curbing financial speculators. "Without increased regulation, they stand in the way of any real market stabilization." So food speculation matters but house price speculation doesn't. My understanding was basic human needs are food, shelter and warmth. I guess people begin to care when 'they' are negatively affected by something. Just like that Telegraph article said "Many homeowners might question in what sense the housing market is “broken”"
  4. What bond denies you access? Most penalise you but deny you access???
  5. Nice thought but good luck doing that at rush hour on the M6. It only takes one [email protected] to cause all lanes to have to slow down. And there was definitely more than one [email protected] on the road tonight.
  6. I used to live in an apartment where the hot water system was completely fooked. The installers said themselves it was all wrong even though brand new. I always wondered who bought it after my tenancy ended because it was for sale. The lesson it taught me was that you would have to check out electrics, gas, heating and hot water before you buy. Hot water isn't covered by a survey but the cost of picking up that tab would have been around five grand!!!! Try before you buy would never work, simply because people would see what sh1t they are buying and walk away or demand a significant reduction.
  7. If you're going to copy interviews from the MSM word for word you need to credit them otherwise it's copyright theft.
  8. Gotta love the wikipedia folks. Edit your own profile (against wikipedia rules) at your own risk: Twitter following fiasco too. I'd love to know his perspective on this. Particularly why he felt it appropriate to delete the entries on his 'funding'. I may just twitter him and his bee keeping followers and ask
  9. I don't believe so though please correct me. See here That's the point of planning permission and also that certain changes do not require permission and therefore do not fall under these sorts of rules. They do say 'consider your neighbour' but I guess everyone considers their neighbour, just many will say "f*ck em, it adds value to my house".
  10. Nothing wrong with working in retail, but you are lower down the 'pecker' order. Those people are complete top level peckers and tools if they think the job someone does makes them better or worse in the world. I tell people I clean toilets for a living if I think they are judgemental Then offer to shake their hand.
  11. You could see a load of oversized conservatories popping up. Nice to have those blocking your sunlight and overlooking your garden. Now is the time the homeowners pray their neighbours are not selfish. Though I wouldn't bet my mortgage on that.
  12. But because it's not complete it's dragging our streets house prices down. Oh woe. Won't somebody think of the children! F3cking nimbys in their tacky little unimaginative houses.
  13. My thoughts exactly. This isn't going to be a happy ending for those with IO mortgages. Not sure what Jenkins is worried about. I wonder if his words are taken out of context. For example 110% loans. I can understand some worry about those. Offering more debt than reasonable, but what compensation would ensue is debatable. A 10% discount to bring it down to a 100% loan at most. Then they have to hand that back immediately to the bank as they still have to settle up and pony up the 100%. So they lose the house anyway. Lot's of trouble brewing and it's going to run for 10 -15 years to get out in the wash.
  14. Dump him as a friend. Because if that's the way he treats a friend then he isn't one. Turning to your wife for a reaction to a derisory comment is a complete c*ck of an attitude. Ditch the loser. If you want to ditch him in person, let him know his behaviour was childish and rude, ask how it's going living with students at his age, and when does he plan on growing up? Then tell him he's a c0ck. The end. Complete waste of time. There are nice people in the world and there are nobbers, he definitely falls into the latter.
  15. I love that MDBs comments. Still not sure if he was always taking the p1ss from the start. Sounded like he bought the shares, and then more and then more. No way in hell is this puppy going back to $38. It's sunk and sinking lower by the day. Oh how predictable and how idiotic 'investors' are (and I lose that term loosely, looser than a hooker in Vegas). I've got a piece of paper with some writing on it. Buy it for $38 whilst it lasts.
  16. +1 I do await the policy changes he comes out with. Not sure where his interest lie, but if his resistance to building on greenfields is true then the conlibs policy of relaxing it could be a very interesting predicament for him in his constituency.
  17. Yeah, feck em. Kick em all out onto the street because they're lazy wasters. We all know theres tonnes of government and council provided housing and these people are just thieves and deserve a criminal conviction, to be jailed and fined. I am being sarcastic.
  18. Not sure if this point was made. They are a soft target because they have no fixed address and therefore cannot vote. This is the fat cats and the politicians putting their wants first. And having just watched the Sunday breakfast show debate, they are slimy horrible creatures (politicians and fat cats that is). Having seen the conservatives loathsome spiteful comments I will never vote Conservative ever again as they have finally shown their true colours. The 'pundits' called them all thieves and branded them as criminals. Perhaps these people should spend one week on the streets themselves. Bring on the revolution. These animals need to go.
  19. Absolutely. If you get rid of these markets then farmers are exposed to massive risks in price fluctuations and therefore the whole market is at risk as farms go bust, decide its not worth the effort, or only produce the highly profitable crops. Hedging for farmers and for processors (e.g. bakers, manufacturers) is a critical part of their business and allows them to trade.
  20. I suspect that the banks are quite happy with this arrangement. So long as it is off the record. If they BTLer has comitted fraud then if they default on only a couple of payments then their recourse is way easier. It's a business loan so they can seize the property easily and go for the full balance. Plus if they then find out you lied you haven't got a leg to stand on if you try and negotiate. Win win for them. Lose lose for the fraudulent con artist. Completely immoral too but then lots of people are nowadays. Just look at car insurance where people lie all the time.
  21. But thats the point. Back then it was the same apparently. Or worse with 14% interest rates. The interest rate bit is true but it wasn't more difficult. When you wages increase at the rate of inflation life remains the same. They just dont see the basic facts that house prices as a multiple of earnings are at an all time high. "London average house prices 4.8 times income (2006), against 2.6 times in 1970" You can't deny the facts unless you are a complete f*cking moron. I guess I answered my own question.
  22. But but but, the mainstream media said rate were coming down and that affordability was at its best for 15 years. COUGH-bullsh1t-COUGH
  23. I think it follows capitulation. But before despair. It could be "return to the mean evil b1tch" though.
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