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  1. Do they really want the banks to open their balance sheets in full and then a number of them go broke? Especially as it appears to be the big names. Why would this ease the pain of business and consumers alike. If banks recognise the losses out in the open they are forced to up the income to stay alive, or close. And if they close then whoever takes over the loans ups the income by increasing interest rates and seizing property en masse at the slightest sign of consumer / business default. It's what happened in the USA and is this really what 'they' want. Short term massive pain, long term gain maybe. But just saying it's what would happen.
  2. Well it's the last unregulated casino for the common man. And boy do they love a good gamble. If they didn't have these to play with then they might start asking questions of the government about where all the money actually went. So let them have their little toys and dreams of wealth. This thread should tie into the one on 'why to leave the UK'.
  3. +1 That's been my plan since 2005. I figured why buy some overpriced coffin (you'll be paying until you die after all), when you can rent short to medium and then when prices fall to sanity levels I can get the home I want with a minimal mortgage (if any).
  4. Well they will see it as more of the market they otherwise wouldn't get. So it's a little extra on the side. I wonder what happens to the FSC's insurance if you bank with them. Is it classed as an HSBC account?
  5. Indeed. It's just HSBC back end with M&S front end and splitting the profits. Whats funny is HSBC just finished getting rid of people at the front office, only for M&S to employ 500 to now do the same in the highstreet. Absolute nuts.
  6. Anyone calling the bottom. As I drove to work the comment on the radio was $28. Where will it end. They also joked that maybe the NASDAQ should receive payment for saving people from buying at overinflated prices, instead of paying out compensation for the initial tradings downtime. Down 1.86% today. As we all predicted a complete flop. It shows there are millions of idiots who buy over priced [email protected] for their 'retirement funds', because they buy into the vested interest media hype and think prices only ever go up. And there were also people who bought Facebook shares
  7. I'm calling it for what it is. Incomplete BS. The evidence isn't sufficient to draw a conclusion. In answer to other posts. Burying cables alters the electromagnetic field in that it has to travel through a different medium than air and since the ground is more dense and has greater conductivity, the field is significantly less. Look up permeability. And mobile phones etc. whilst high in energy are related to near field electromagnetic theory and this is significantly different to far field theory which is what 100m from an electric cable would be. Therefore the use of a phone near a child is not comparable. Though interestingly a childs brain has higher water content and therefore would absorb greater energy quicker. Which in turn suggests adults get a deeper dose of electromagnetic waves than a child would. No evidence of increased brain cancer in the last twenty years exists. Also the post about a fluorescent tube under power lines. The current through one is around 100 micro amps, and when plugged into the mains its 40 mA some 400 times greater. Maybe we should all be scared of the mains in our house And you can make a fluorescent tube glow by rubbing your feet on carpet.
  8. That assumes it's all over. What if the end game is asset devaluation. Then we have currency and asset devaluation, a double whammy. No reason it won't happen. I can't see anything that says it won't either. Foreigners pumping up London house prices and yet the average has still fallen around the UK. So what happens when johnny foreigner needs to get their cash, and when foreigners decide that UK houses are no longer a safe haven for their cash.
  9. Caveat emptor. It's your money. Actually I am watching this with a grim fascination. Hundreds of thousands of houses unmortgageable and hence worth a fraction of their price since you will be forking out a fortune every X years to recover from a flood. About time this happened. Buy an old banger expect repair costs. Build and buy a building on a flood plain ... expect constant sunshine Crazy world with even crazier people.
  10. Perhaps cosy and homely might better describe it. Still it's an ideal first home for 15 immigrants.
  11. Not long to wait "On Friday, Facebook's stock fell 5.4 percent to $28.01. It's off more than 26 percent from its offering price of $38." Falling faster than an Essex girls knickers.
  12. LOL They could charge anything they wanted. The loyal patriots would pay whatever they asked
  13. No building near greenbelt because of predatory Cats. CATS!?!? The answer is a shotgun and a small reward for each pelt. Let the building commence.
  14. I don't see the mother daughter link either. Just a peeping tom landlord pervert, who would be arrested in the real world. Very odd choice for an advert. Are we going to see other crimes reduced to a 'jokey' attitude? How about an advert with the landlord wanting to get in Olympic visitor money, so he dresses up as a mugger and proceeds to harass the tennants to leave. That could be an advert for solicitors, to make sure the contract is one sided. Again, amazingly funny.
  15. seems a good start. Removing CT freebie and additional if unoccupied for two years. The CT freebie removal will p1ss off many speculators. Several grand a year reduction in your asset isn't going to be good.
  16. Personally I am scratching my head, wondering who in their right mind has that much money on the line and doesn't know its true worth? Presumably they didn't pay for the expert advice on offer and now they will pay. I think it does show that a fool and their money are easily parted. And stupidity and greed often go hand in hand. Not a laughing matter but completely stupefying.
  17. Have you always been on self assessment in this period? I'm wondering why these retrospective charges have arisen? What's made them look at the position again. If you were not on self assessment, but did inform them of the facts then a complaint could be in order to have the charges removed, since it would be a mistake on their behalf. If you hadn't given them all the facts (and somehow they came to light, not sure how) then I can understand the retrospective charges. I guess I'm struggling to see how the position has changed suddenly?
  18. I'm bored with FacePalm. I think I will close the account. On GS theres a GS Elevator twitter feed. What people say in the elevator. Was on Radio 4 today around 6:30. One colleague to other "Have you got change for a 20?" Colleague "20 is change dude"
  19. Seems the linkedin profile had been pulled. What were the typos? I could do with a laugh. £2M of false invoices is a lot.
  20. +1 Oh no they're going to ring the Police .... who will do nothing as it's not fraud it's a civil matter. OP, good post thanks.
  21. Amazing how it saw the increases again to 2011. Strange thats where we are, asking prices are peaking again.
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