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  1. No, the doors are open in every EU country apart of Germany and Austria.
  2. Purely anecdotal: I am an Eastern European myself. Just 2 of my Slovak friends in the UK left the country with their families so far: one to Paris, the other to Brussels. They don't fit the Eastern European stereotype though, they're well educated high earners. Not many Slovaks arrived to the UK recently. I personally don't know anyone who'd relocate to the UK since 2008 and there isn't much activity in the expat forums either.
  3. My offer on a house was rejected because of a bigger offer from someone else. The house was withdrawn from Rightmove - I don't know why the EA didn't mark it as SSTC or Under Offer. I'm 100% sure the house is sold and not withdrawn.
  4. That's all nice in theory. Reality is different though. I offered 12% less than asking prices on 2 properties last month. Both offers were rejected and both houses sold in less than a month - one for 7% and the other just 3.5% less than what I thought were unrealisticly high asking prices. Not a single decent house came on the market since then in an area with 200k people (South West). My experience is that there are very few good houses on the market now. Good properties sell quickly for nearly asking prices. Rubish, overpriced houses stay unsold for many months. There are also many buyers
  5. This is not official and won't help you but may help others: write a review on www.allagents.co.uk
  6. Bought an 2002-reg Audi TT for £7800 and sold it 6 months later for £7400 so it cost me just £400 to drive a nice car* for half a year. Just bought an 08-reg Ford S-max for £14500 (cash and 0% finance). I know I could buy a decent 2000-reg Zafira for £3000 but I do enjoy driving and S-max is no doubt the best in its category so I'm OK to pay extra for the experience. --------------------------------------------------------- * I know there are better ones but I always wanted to have one for its looks.
  7. 3 bed semi in decent area of Three Mile Cross: 5th Sep 2008 * Price changed: from '£270,000' to '£224,950' 8th Jul 2008 * Price changed: from '£279,950' to '£270,000' 4th Jun 2008 * Initial entry found.
  8. Hi, thanks for posting the link to our site here. Well, many agents have tried it, so far none have suceeded. Perhaps it helps that the site is owned by a company registered in Slovakia. Suggest the agent here: http://www.allagents.co.uk/add-agent/ We will add them to the directory but please allow up to a month for it. We'll notify you once it is possible to review the agent. All reviews have been posted from unique IP's and confirmed by reviewers with unique emails. That's all we can check I'm affraid. Unfortunatelly we can't tell for sure if they've been posted by genuine custome
  9. It works both ways. E.g. thousands of small shop owners in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary went bankrupt because they couldn't compete with the most popular supermarket chain there... Tesco. By the way, as a Slovakian living in the UK, I must say I agree people in the UK are not as racist as elsewhere in Europe. Someone has already mentioned the real reason why Poles (Eastern Europeans) are leaving UK. They came to earn money but UK is not as attractive as it used to be. I know a guy who has been working as a driver in a car hire company in Reading for 3 months now. He's going b
  10. http://www.allagents.co.uk/foxtons/
  11. Major Slovak newspapers SME published an article with the following headline: "House Price Crash in Poland". According to the article, Polish estate agents have difficulties with selling flats. The value of approved mortgages fell by 15% over a year. More flats are buing built - 170,000 planning permissions granted last year, 114,500 granted during first 6 months this year. There are less people who can afford or want to buy. Developers started offering free garages or parking spaces with properties to attract more interest. Szybko.pl (Polish equivalent of UK's Rightmove) fear the prices mi
  12. There are many other factors that haven't been (can't be) taken into account in these simple calculators. Their purpose is not to give you exact figures but a rough idea IMO.
  13. Interest is calculated from the loan only and recalculated year by year from the outstanding loan. The property price isn't used in the calculation at all.
  14. Here is a little mortgage vs. rent calculator that compares the 2 options: http://www.allagents.co.uk/calculator/mortgage-rent/ Of course there are more things to consider, this calculator only compares interest rates and rent expenses. Enjoy!
  15. I have noticed you have Google Adsense ads in the forum and following sentence below them: "This is an advert post which helps to pay for the running of this website" This is against Google's TOS and you will be banned from Adsense programme if they find out. Pointing attention to Google's ads is not allowed.
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