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  2. The average man in the street could not care less if every single IRAQI citizen was boiled alive tomorrow as long as he had his nice car and his nice house.. I almost depise the working class as much as the elites who have taken us to war because many of them revel in it and allow their narrow-minded, bigoted , racist , jingoistic , nationalistic , selfish true selfs to come to the fore. The only people who care are non-conformists (KEN CLARKE take a bow ) , liberals (MING CAMPBELL TAKE A BOW ) , some lefties (GALLOWAY take a bow ) and raving loonies ( I WILL TAKE A BOW IF YOU DONT MIND).
  3. just thought id cheer you all up before i go to bed Sharon: Iran Next on War List Friday, Nov. 8, 2002 Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says the U.S. war on terror shouldn't end with Iraq. Iran is just as dangerous and a top priority for a regime change, Sharon said this week. He argued that although Iraq is an "insane" regime, Iran is a "center of world terror." In an exclusive interview with the New York Post, Sharon said that as soon as Iraq is dealt with, he "will push for Iran to be at the top of the 'to do' list." (MY NOTE: Sharon was talking about the Iraq war as a fait accompli 5 months before the start of the war when BLAIR was busy lying to us telling us he was doing everything he could to ensure peace with IRAQ ) "Iran makes every effort to possess weapons of mass destruction … and ballistic missiles … That is a danger to the Middle East, and a danger to Europe,” he said. Repeating that Iran is "behind terror all around the world,” Sharon claimed Iran was working with terrorist groups to harm Israel. Some reports have indicated that Iran, a Russian ally, is in a state of de facto war with Israel in providing as much as $100 million to Hezbollah, one of the main groups using homicide bombers within Israel. http://www.cjp.org/content_display.html?ArticleID=163291 In UN Speech, Sharon Sounds Alarm About Iran, Stresses Peace UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 15 (JTA) -- He didn't mention Iran by name, but the target of Ariel Sharon's warning was as clear as his message: The world is facing a serious threat. "Even today, there are those who sit here as representatives of a country whose leadership calls to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and no one speaks out," the Israeli prime minster told delegates to the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday. "The attempts of that country to arm itself with nuclear weapons must disturb the sleep of anyone who desires peace and stability in the Middle East and the entire world." SAME AS IT EVER WAS SAME AS IT EVER WAS LETTING THE DAYS GO BY INTO THE BLUE AGAIN
  4. Not sure where you get your information but the Iraqis have never supported the invasion and its unpopularity is running at about 90 % right now. And there is partisan guerilla fighting and large scale civilian rebellion in Iraq as we speak. Why are you ignoreing this ? Because the Brits are involved ? It just shows how controlled the media are when well-informed folks like yourself can actually believe the Iraqis wished to be invaded by the re-incarnation of Hitlers storm troopers.
  5. good article dom . i think he may be wrong about peak oil but thats not the point, the point is the US controls the oil of the ME and in Iraq is directly benefiting from it. already 14 billion dollars (conservative estimate ) of Iraq's oil revenues have simply vanished into air. The US economy was in an awful state in mid 2002. do you remember ? all the fraud , accounting scandals , corruption , companies going bust left , right and centre (tyco , worldcom, enron the biggest of all and many more ). the DJIA had fallen from 10,000 to under 8000 and was still falling. People were calling it a crisis of capitalism. We all know how capitalism usually responds to a crisis. something had to be done, something had to give, war was the only solution. and had to be a war with a country worth conquering. war with a country with resources which could pay for the mess the US was in., What amazes me is that children understand when Rome invaded a certain state it was for their salt, or copper or gold or whatever . A child also understands what motivated the Conquistadores. So why do adults have difficulty understanding why Britainn invaded India or why the US invaded Iraq ? Have their brains been so completely f****d up by their education and the mash they watch on TV and read in newspapers ? I think so.
  6. could you please post another link . the neo-crazies will look at al-j and use that as an excuse for it not to be taken seriously.
  7. thats the thing no matter what he says he will be portrayed as defiant, belligerent , aggressive etc etc you know the phoney balony hooey they invent. they are masters of it. he will always be made to look like the aggressor even when they are bombing the holy bejasus out of his country, at least when you sit down in front of your telly in a few years watching it all unfold you can think of all those crazy anacrhists on hpc who told you it was going to happen and why and you can simply laugh ( weep ? ) at the drivel being uttered by the apparatchiks on BBC, SKY , FOX etc etc
  8. thanks for the link I was suspicious BEFORE the WMD lies. years before.
  9. peter it wont happen for another few years. perhaps 2007 when the effects of the housing slow down are being felt and the stock market needs another shot in the arm for all the Gold Schmucks in London and New York.
  10. are they ? please give quotes or try reading what they are really saying. they are saying nothing of the sort. they are being pushed into a corner because the US want to invade to grab the oil and gas. the sad thing is you represent a much better informed observer than the man in the street who does not know shiit from shinola and yet you still believe their propaganda and regurgitate it here. so we have no chance of convincing the masses this war is wrong if a well inforemed person like you believes the nonsense they are fed.
  11. only thing is he didnt even say that he was going to use oil as a weapon. the bottom line is if someone decides to attack you they will find whatever justification is necessary for that attack. Sharon and Bush have decided on this a long time ago. It is unfinished business going back to the Carter and Reagan administrations. sorry folks but the only chance it can be averted is if China intervenes and I doubt if it will/.
  12. its a business but not a legitimate one in my eyes., put it this way id be ashamed if I had to do it for a living.
  13. you are confusing cause and effect just as they want you to. the fact is they want to invade Iran and are looking for an excuse. This is the excuse the are using. Iran has known they wanted to invade since Ariel Sharon made it semi-official US policy about 3 (maybe 4 ) years ago. you should get out more as far as web sites are concerned. try antiwar.com and counterpunch.org
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