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  1. Dubai is sick. The main thing is the outrageous racism towards low paid workers and the way they are trapped. If you could get rid of that Dubai would just be a shit hole rather than a crime. But here's a good one for you. I know a guy who runs a company that basically lets you avoid paying tax. He's a native of our channel islands, one in particular. Used to be in Cyprus til they joined the Eurozone. 10pc corporate tax was too much so now he is in Dubai. He deals with loads of Russians, including the ones who backed Ken Bates, the ones who sold Chelsea to Abramovich.
  2. this is a lame thread even for you people. personal inflation figures can vary wildly depending on your habits and so on. A hippie in a teepee in wales who eats grass and other types of grass with some extra grass will be quite happy with returns from £300,000. with higher inflation so interest rates would rise. how returns from about £300,000 if you have no debt/rent and dont want to work? how does that sound?
  3. Although im aware people dont agree on HPC, this is why i tend towards (and im going to use some of those words) some kind of libertarian socialist/liberal system with a huge bent on decentralisation of power. Like, start with Scandinavia and then try and decentralise that further... Socially tolerant, liberal, where major resources (energy/transport/the post!) are publicly owned but more importantly publicly controlled... Let ordinary people make mistakes together...
  4. I think all you people on here miss an important word: oligarchy. Words like `socialism` `fascism` and `democracy` are almost always defined by the person who says them. So they become redundant. But oligarchy can be any system where real power is centralised. So everyone on earth lives in an oligarchy with different structures. Ours is an oligarchy with a system of representative (sic) government. North Korea is an oligarchy with terrific gymnastic displays. But we all live in oligarchies.
  5. some people might say you are a miserable old ***** given to bouts of wild over exaggeration...
  6. I am seeing signs in London E1. Flats in development in Osier St being reduced, vendor must sell emails, etc. Barrat homes in Cheshire St not sold (some are sold but now been on market for around 3 months) and in last fortnight started getting `reduced price` emails through from Primelocation in E1/E2. Very anecdotal but a definite change. Of course quite possible the market will just clam up again and no one will sell jack...
  7. go read the science. its man made. the evidence is everywhere. the consequences are unknown. if all the scientists are wrong, we'll have a cleaner world and you can laugh. if you're wrong it will be a huge catastrophe and we're all rubber ducked.
  8. commie/anarchist is not a tattoo. im not writing a dissertation. im a proper lefty, but not a centralist, an anarchist, but not a lifestyler (black, squats etc). im rude to any ***** that supports the BNP, ignores science about MMCC, writes shitty internet cliches about the nazi's being socialists and anyone who says the jews run the world secretly behind the scenes (see the Goldman doing God's work thread)...debate only legitimises their madness...
  9. the Russian soviet system definitely failed. 100pc failed. Left nationalist governments have been much more successful and long lasting - Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, even new ones in Latin America appear more solid...Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua and more joining them all the time... The Atlanticist monetarist system has been failing since 1989, its high point....but it was never a system designed to benefit the whole, just to benefit the `masters of the Universe` or the `Chosen Few` (Bloomberg TV's old strapline). I work with these people every day. It's about filling your boots while you can, but with good PR...
  10. all the people who cheered in 1979 and wanted to destroy socialism, no such thing as society, hang Nelson Mandela, smash the coal workers, Bolshevism is Jewish, want a nigga for your neighbour vote Labour, privatise the housing stock, sell off the oil, the gas, we'll all live in a shareholder democracy, all own a house. now they realise theyve been screwed. that the game was about mugging off enough voters so wealth could be returned to the top 0.5% of earners. they are really really really pissed off. its why i love this site, to see them all squirming, blaming immigrants, blaming Labour (who they also voted for!), they can't bear it, they placed all their eggs in one basket and the basket has been taken and given to banks. i still can't believe it. i mean, im a full on commie/anarchist and i realised, i understood `the game`, played it, made loads of money from doing ****** all, can retire at 45, and you guys seriously believed the lies... You think Labour or Obama are `socialist`???? Are you nuts??? Oh yeah you are.
  11. if you switch fruit labels for example from a basics Melon to a lovely Melon the self-scanners can tell by the weight, take it from me much easier to get your `self appointed store discount` going past a regular cashier
  12. I say again. Go and debate MMCC with the huge body of scientific work. You can't. It's staring you in the face, the `scientists` who dispute it do so for profit and notoriety - and because of their political agenda. Only the weird contrarian right (who have many admirers here) dispute MMCC, but many on the right now accept it as the force of the science is overwhelming. Even try reading New Scientist for a start instead of reading internet weirdos. Try educating yourselves. Fact is if East Anglia were six foot under the sea people who deny MMCC would still deny it. They'd probably say it was a left wing agenda to sell snorkels. Some people are very resistant to facts and to change. As for populations it is way too late for that. Way too late. The population of the Earth is going to rise and MMCC and modern economics are already seeing huge people movements around the world as folks try to get themselves some semblance of a decent life. No modern politician outside of the Green Party is going to attempt to plan for that or to match energy policy to it.
  13. Again, go dispute it with the scientists. MMCC is the biggest ever peer reviewed subject in the history of science. Only a strange breed of self-interested pro-industrial right wingers try and create a notion that there is a `debate`. In my view in order to personally profit from their denial. In a similar way to `creationists` say there is `debate` over Darwinism. Go and `debate` it with the scientists.
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