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  1. Its completely worthless, a new currency can be created at any time. Please hold hodl until I can sell.
  2. Why does the limited supply of Bitcon make it more valuable? A while ago there was a shortage of £5 notes, but they were still only worth £5. Get out now before the bubble is pricked!
  3. Unfortunately property is still the best investment. Even if the price drops you still have it. Of course if Corbyn gets in and there is civil war, beans and shotguns would be the better options
  4. Well I like UBER. The cars are safer than Black Cabs, cleaner and more eco. They are tracked so you know where you are and who is driving. Black Cabs are very very expensive. The 'Knowledge' is now irrelevant. Statistically you are less likely to be attacked by a Uber driver than those in other taxis. Of course Uber drivers are immigrants many possibly illegals. But at least they are working. The cack useless government is responsible for letting them all in.
  5. Safestyle are extremely expensive. They use dishonest high pressure sales techniques and deserve to go bust. A independent local supplier will be less than half their price.
  6. If you want lower house prices cut demand. Its that simple. The government takes far too much tax already and pisses it up the wall. Cut the population Build more houses Cut housing benefits which are underpinning rents as well. CGT on main residence is a very very stupid idea, how will anyone be able to afford to move? If the price falls you could offset your loss!
  7. Surely the point is that it hasn't been gentrified enough yet?
  8. Shit hole. Hackney Abbotts constituency. Give them all a free house in Kensington.
  9. May is totally useless. The Tories ran the worst campaign since the war.
  10. The government deliberately cause house inflation and then taxes it. What could possibly go wrong? The answer to all of this is to cut immigration, build more houses, cut housing benefit which is inflating rents. It is simple but the MP's are thick and are all invested in property so nothing much will change. Build more houses.
  11. Invest in a limited resource that is actually useful eg. Property. Your Bitcoin is only worth something because others are willing to accept it. It has no intrinsic value. Land will always have a value, if you can defend it!
  12. Cut benefits to the work shy. Stop fertility treatment. Stop gender reassignment proceedures. Stop all treatment for fatties. No benefits to foreigners. Make immigrants pay for nhs and schooling. That should do it.
  13. Hopefully it will cause a Housepricecrash and I can add some bargains to my Buy-to-let portfolio.
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