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  1. So to sum up Public Sector - Shit Private Sector - Shit Hmmmm
  2. "Property investors hoping to take advantage of rock-bottom house prices" WTF
  3. Bumped into an aquaintance the other day. He told me he had bought a 1 bed flat for £70000, that had been advertised at £90000 (North West area) He works for a bank, and was able to get 95% mortgage over 40 years, currently at 1% interest rate His mortgage is £180 per month, and the flat currently has a service charge of £70 per month! I didn't want to fall out with him as he is a friendly sort, so all I could do was keep repeating "40 years, 40 years, £70 a month Service charge, £70 a month service charge" So. what would you say in the same circumstance?
  4. Two things If you have a household income of £50000 you would be lucky to get £500 a year Tax Credits FACT See for yourself http://www.taxcredits.inlandrevenue.gov.uk...QHousehold.aspx If you claim Childcare Vouchers you should not be claiming Childcare costs through Tax Credits http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childcare/interaction-tc-cv.htm
  5. I know plenty of people who are quite happy on benefit. Quite tragic really, but if you have poverty of ambition, then i guess you'll take everything you can get . Welfare reform sparks baby boom
  6. A parent on means tested benefit gets (per year) Child element - one for each child or young person you are responsible for £2,085 and possibly this (bearing in mind that ADHD is now classed as a disability!) Disability element - one for each child you are responsible for if you are receiving Disability Living Allowance for the child, or the child is registered blind or has been taken off the blind register in the 28 weeks before the date of claim £2,540 Severe disability element - one for each child you are responsible for if you receive the Highest Rate Care Component of Disability Living Allowance for the child £1,020 and thats before we even talk about, Disability Living Allowance, Carers Allowance, Child Benefit, Free School Meals, Prescriptions, NHS Travel Costs, Maternity Grants (£500 per child)
  7. Among the reforms for paying Mortgage Interest while on Means Tested Benefit (reducing qualifying period from 39 to 13 weeks), is a new rule that the interest will only be paid for the first 2 years of a Jobseekers Alllowance claim. That has been sneaked in on the quiet snsp_00737.pdf snsp_00737.pdf
  8. When watching Criminal Minds last night, they quoted Dietrich Boenhoffer (i'd never heard of him until yesterday either) "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." So, what have we done for our children, and what was done for us by previous generations?
  9. Hello, Reading this site is hilarious and bloody scary at the same time I've been renting the same house for 7 years now, and have managed to save for when the time is right (or I will just keep on renting) Keep up the good work
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