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  1. Plus one car dealer ship has gone. And in the next week or so another one is shutting down
  2. I'm glad I found this site, I wanted to move up, but I think I will wait now. What the reporters don't tell you is they probably bought a city flat and are seeing it fall faster than a comet
  3. It's ashame you feel you have to leave. Maybe if more people took a leaf out of your book we would not be in this mess.
  4. I worked for 17 years untill I had a brain bleed. I have been off work for two years recovering. And I feel guilty claiming benefits. I know I can't do any manual work so I help out at a local schools hleping kids in lower sets to read and write. I will never fully recover but I can and needed to do something. I had six months of not doing nothing, it done my head in. last week they asked me if I would be inerested in working for them. I can't say yes untill I have had the results from the other scan. The pay will work out the same as if I stayed at home and claimed benefits?? Maybe it's just me but I realy do like to work!!
  5. I'm not that bothered. I would of saved £80 a month. If it goes the other way, and it still could, I could of lost my home. I only have 6-7 years left so I didn't want to take the chance.
  6. I could never move up to the next size house without having silly repayments.
  7. Just got back. Fu*k me, that hotel murder mystery weekend in Mumbai was a bit over the top!!!
  8. I have just been sent a sick joke about this topic.
  9. A mate will even not talk about it now. He bought a 3 bed house in 2007 for £167 000 on a 100% intrest only morgage. He has spent £15 000 on it as well. He used to crow about how much he has made. He used to make me feel so small. Anyway the other night I got my own back. I told him I was waiting till next year till house prices halfed.
  10. I want(move up) to buy next year. I have to wait till prices come down a bit.
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