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  1. It aint easy, look at Luton, Bournemouth and Southampton. Leeds (my team) still in League One. You may recall we had -15 deducted in first season of League One - got to the play-offs so it's not always instant relegation. When you reach rockbottom it can galvanise the club. It's not as easy as some people think though, getting out of The Championship or League One. :-(
  2. Thanks for your reply. Not sure why the media are talking up the end of the recession, as it seems pretty obvious there's a massive fall out still to come. What do the media 'get' out of misleading the general public? Are they encouraged by the Government?
  3. What, precisely, is to come? Is it 'your' hunch or do you seriously imply that there is unpublished public disaster awaiting us all? Specifics please
  4. Cawleys is down to the husband and wife owners and one employee - they are averaging 2 properties a week and the situation is dire. And you are right, Worcester has huge potential, a beautiful, quiet city, fabulous Cathedral, Racecourse, County Cricket Ground (except it keeps getting flooded and is almost bankrupted). The University is also opening a state of the art 2nd campus and library in central Worcester. Houses for sale are all but static and I've noticed a lot of 'to let' boards going up.
  5. Excellent! And don't you just hate the way we get a picture next to the word, just in case we need visual recognition of what downturn means? :angry:
  6. I watched it, the master bedroom looks like a corridor and the shower was absolutely ghastly. Barely a whisper about the housing market nosediving. Cheap tacky TV and totally watchable!
  7. Drove past the property in Laugherne Road today and it had a 'sold' sticker on it. Will monitor.
  8. A very sad and delusional tale. Complete denial of responsibility or common sense. Interesting and detailed link on MEW here: http://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/feds/20...0/200720pap.pdf
  9. Agreed. I give to the RNLI, British Legion and local charities where I know there aren't these top heavy management stylees operating. This link is interesting: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=topten - I tried to find the top ten richest list, but it is quite difficult to find! From memory I think Cancer Research is right up there, Church of England and RSPCA - they've got millions in reserves. I never give to clipboard canvassers - what a royal rip off that is. Another point is, the charity shops are awash with cheap Mark One, Primark clothes which cannot make them a bean really as they only cost £3 a jumper to buy new.
  10. I'm not sure it would make much difference dr ray - the mindset of people who live beyond their means never ceases to amaze me. Upon request I lent my best friend £1800 to pay their mortgage (for one month), two years later with no mention of the debt or any payment, she sent me photos of their European holiday to Switzerland, Germany and France - my 'holiday' was 4 nights at Butlins. For two years I never said a word, but upon receipt of those photos I asked for my money back. It took another 6 months to get it back. Bizarrely we are still friends, but she has damaged my outlook on people who get into debt, it's like they don't feel any guilt or personal responsibility.
  11. What a post - I'd quote the whole of it, but that sentence above is the key. Fantastic post - thank you.
  12. I couldn't agree more. I loved being a stay at home mum, it was a definite choice of less (or none in my case!) holidays, one car instead of two, general belt tightening but it was the best time of my life just having all day to sort the house, children etc - no rushing around like a headless chicken. I was chilled and happy. You can't have it all, something gives every time, something suffers. The downside, if you are a stay at home mum, is that you do become completely anonymous and you do lose a bit of self-worth as you're not being paid as such - unless you look on your husband as your employer, which is not ideal!
  13. Totally agree. Cringingly embarrassing to watch - soundbytes and spin and nothing else. The people on the panel remind me of people that go to the Opera but wouldn't want the people they're embracing, sitting next to them.
  14. Seems a bit odd that you are novice at house buying when you're looking at a six bedroomed property. Is this seriously your first time to buy a house? Get yourself registered on Property Bee (via Firefox/Mozilla) - that will give you a good idea of houses in your selected post code area.
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