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  1. O'neil, the surf and ski shops, watch this space. In general though any shop at the moment which failures to provide value to its customers is going to struggle as people just have the money to spend anymore.
  2. Shows its better to shop around at least, is that normal for a house to be listed with two different agents?
  3. I know exactly what you mean, i was looking to rent in pudsey or farlsley and the price is really cheap, really nice spacious 3 bedroom town houses are going for £500pcm compared to the 600pcm i was quoted in the middle of last year, surley a sign that people are struggling to sell and are just trying to make some money rather than nothing.
  4. I was actually thinking the same the other day, we have had plenty of instances of huge crashes but none thus far have affected the whole planet as this one seems to of have. The thing with politicians you must remember is that more often than not they exaggerate, then once they have made a small change to whats going on people think they have done alot more than they have even though the situation was not that bad in the first place.
  5. Maybe not the best idea... Whereas http://swiss-bank-accounts.com/e/index.html would probably be worth your while visiting
  6. Very hot and interesting thread... Seriously made me reconsider investing a significant proportion of my bonus into a hotel in the Dubai area. When I visited Dubai over summer it seemed like a buzzing enough place that was on the up and up however, after reading this I am starting to doubt what all the sales people were telling me... Thanks for the insight. Here is a link offering numerous impartial news stories which may be of interest to anybody else contemplating investing money into dubai property Hope this can help you make the right decision. As for me, the views expressed in this thread makes me think I should buy a farmhouse in South Wales instead
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