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  1. Hi Have not been on here for over a year. Had some HUGE personal problems which still are not resolved but am getting there, Well we had our 'crash' didn't we? Not as big as I would have liked though. Still never know may be more to come. What I need to know is .......... and some of you estate agents/FA'S may have the answer to this one. If buying a property does the Estate Agent/Bank etc need to see proof of my DEPOSIT in MY bank account. I am buying a home which my father have very kindly agreed to help me buy. Its over the road from him so he has his reasons. Wants me in easy
  2. Hi I have a dilemma Problem is I am running out of time to buy. I am 48 now (but look 38 apparently, according to the all the younger men I seem to attract ) Am a single woman. Earn about 21,000 a year. I have an £8,000 deposit but am still saving. 1st thing : What amount of mortgage (if any) can I get for my salary/deposit etc? (I live in Romford Essex, where to give you an idea a one bed ex-council flat/house is around the £95,000 £100,000 mark). 2nd thing: How many years can I spread the mortage over? I work for the Civi
  3. Said in the EVENING STANDARD tonight that GARRINGTON HOMEFINDERS has gone into RECEIVERSHIP ! It was only a small bit in the STANDARD have any of you heard this ?
  4. I have to say there IS a lot of truth in this. I work in a Jobcentre and I can honestly say we have seen not a single casualty from the beauty industry. We have been inundated with ESTATE AGENTS, BUILDERS, various types of OFFICE WORKERS,SHOP WORKERS, I could go on an on but NOT ONE single hairdresser or beauty therapist in any shape or form! It does make me wonder. Maybe it is the LAST thing women will give up. Maybe they will cut down on their visits to the HAIRDRESSER or BEAUTICIAN but not give this 'luxury' up altogether. So the beauty industry may have to 'adapt' their prices som
  5. I checked my credit rating (which was 999% I was glad to see!) on EXPERIEN (as per the link on the previous post) I payed £5 or thereabouts for a 30 day trial, which was enough to see as much as I needed. You can then pay £5 a month, but I personally would not do that as you can just re-join at any time. It was quite good because they e.mail you any changes to your CREDIT RATING, ie. if you shut an account down, or if say something 'dodgy' was happening to your account. Whats good is they e.mail to tell you there has been a 'change' then you pay the £5 (if its after your initial 30 da
  6. I don't feel guilty but I do feel a bit like a broken record. Even though everything I have been saying for the past 5 years has come to fruition (and THEN some!) people still look at me in a kind of 'pitying' way and a bit smugly. Lots of them think it highly amusing that I am in my forties and due to various circumstances conspiring against me do not own my own home. I allways feel like saying to them "There for the grace of God go you!" Most of them don't realise how lucky they are, and it really is JUST luck. Like it will be 'luck' for all you guys reading this who are in your 20'
  7. I havn't had a chance to 'quiz' MR GAL BEAR over this yet as he had to rush into a meeting. Will find out a bit more lately and if relevent will update this thread. I think the person must have got the wrong end of the stick as surely BARRETTS wouldn't admit defeat now and reduce ny that much so early in the game. Still this time next year they probably WILL have reduced theirs rabbit hutches by this much if not more!
  8. MR GAL BEAR rang me just now and said he had heard from a friend at work who is househunting (silly fool!) that BARRETTS are offering 40% reductions off their homes. I have not seen anything in the press or on here about this. Can't be true surely to God ! Though I reckon they should be or they are not going to be sellng ANTHING over the next few months ! Has anyone heard this at all?
  9. JEREMY will be talking to Americans about the GLOBAL Economic Problems. He wants anyone interested in the UK to phone/email etc. Fill your boots ! Program on 12 - 2pm.
  10. Have you got PROPERTY BEE loaded on your computer? Load it on then go into RIGHTMOVE and it will show any actual drops in prices its BRILLIANT. Just google it then upload it (its free!). May surprise you! It did me. I thought prices hadn't dropped much, but according to PROPERTY BEE they had. The average in my area (ROMFORD) is between 10 and 30 grand in some cases.
  11. Can't remember. Was one fo the big ones though. (I don't think it was Northern Rock). I will check my paperwork when I get home but am sure I binned it.
  12. A bit over a year ago I wrote a letter to one of the 'big' mortgage companies. You guys had mentioned on here that we should write to this 'lender' and complain about the fact that they were 'offering' 8 x salary/ 0% deposit/ interest only/ 125 % Mortgages .......... (the usual kind of thing that was going in then. Anyway I did write to them explaining that a big 'crash' was coming and how could they be so negligent etc. etc. Anyway I got a letter back where they 'nicely' told me I was an idiot!............................ "The market is stable" "We are confident in our 'lend
  13. A few months back I was constantly argueing with friends/relatives/co-workers that the ecnomoy was sunk and house prices would crash. Everyone disagreed with me and thought I was a fool. Now I hear the same people saying how bad things are !!! At last ! So nice to be proved right.
  14. OoPS they have a technical hitch on Radio 2 at the moment ! It will be on soon hopefully
  15. KEEP BUMPING ! Will be on after 12.30 as he is discussing 'lagging' at present!
  16. Not sure what time but show on 12 - 2pm Keep bumping this so we all see it.
  17. I used to get loads of grief from MR. GAL BEAR. He would often humiliated me in front of friends, taking the piss out of me because of my views. The worse time was when we went to see a Financial Advisor in about May Aug 2007 about a year ago. I 'suggested' to the FA that there would be a house price crash. The FA said there was NO WAY that was going to happen. (He was incidentially HEAVILLY into BUY TO LET). I explained my reasons at length and MR GAL BEAR just sat there smirking at me. "She has been saying this for a couple of years now"! I felt so stupid, although I still KNEW
  18. I agree Bosh ! Maggie dragged this country of the mire and made it a force to be reckoned with. I am sure she DID make some mistakes but she is in a different league to this bunch of complete idiots! I think her best characteristics were she was DECISIVE and she HAD run a business herself. She also knew basic economics, which is something lot are definitely lacking. Even with Altzheimers (which she is apparently suffering from) she would make a better job of running the country than the current idiot in charge. Unfortunately I don't think we will ever see the likes of her again!
  19. HAZEL BLEARS is on now they are asking for phone calls.
  20. I'm afraid KIRSTY MUST take her share of the blame. After all JOE & JOANNE Public are more likely to listen to KIRSTY & PHIL than they are to a top economist from the GUARDIAN arn't they ? They have ramped and ramped the property market NEVER once mentioning that prices CAN go down as well as up ! They constantly tell their 'clients' "This HOUSE/FLAT is good investment, we estimate that the value of this property will have increased by ****** in two years time ! " They should not be telling people that, it is morally wrong! SARAH BEENEY was always a lot more careful when c
  21. The stupidity of people amazes me. Would these same people go and buy a car or a TV if the press/media were constantly telling them that prices of Cars/Tv's are falling and in a few months time they could get one much cheaper! And lets face it a CAR/TV is a lot cheaper than a house. Also you usually NEED to get a CAR/TV quite quickly if your CAR/TV break down etc. -------------but most people DON'T need to buy a home. You can rent/ stay with parents etc. It just amazes me. Mr. GAL BEARS' neice is a Trainee Accountant and she bought a one bed flat back in December. Supposedly a cle
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