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  1. It's a very nice town, and I believe the high school is good. I drop by the wine store there to resupply a couple of times a year... But it's a bit far from Edinburgh/Glasgow to commute, maybe Dundee is within range. St Andrews would be the nearest large town. I don't think you get the entire building, a maisonette is excluded from the sale.
  2. Correct, it's triangulation. The mobile base-stations have directional antennna, as well as a notion of signal strength. If a number of base-stations can see your signal, then it is possible to determine where you are by comparing the information from the different stations. I don't think this is a normal function of the network, but the information (direction, signal strength) is passed around for purposes such as hand-over (as you move from one cell to another for example). Special monitoring equipped can be installed to passivly intercept this information and do the triangulation. At least, that was how it was done a few years ago. Now that phones have GPS in them there are probably easier ways...
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    That doesn't look too bad! Now if I can just find a bank that will give me a 100%, 40x salary mortgage...
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    An integrated garage for your bikes and only a short ride to the Glen gates on a Sunday morning! Fill yer boots! What were these selling for at peak? £150k looks cheap for a 3-bed detached, or have I just been out in the sun too long?
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    It would be interesting to hear the agents rational for that! Green shoots of recovery perhaps? In my little corner of Fife things appear to be static. For-sales signs that have been up forever, and nothing selling. With no sales it's impossible to really judge the state of the market, although the 18% drop reported for Dunfermline in the recent ESPC stats is encouraging. The most recent "house for sale" on my block is for o/o £80k, which is roughly what my house was advertised at when I purchased it in 2006 (the two are broadly comparable). However, I paid 10% above the offers over price back then, whereas I doubt that would happen now. You could infer that "prices are back to 2006 levels" from this, but as the house hasn't sold, it's anyones guess.
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