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  1. Thank goodness, some one who isnt wishing for armageddon to descend Im not sure about Thamesmead - very sadly, its going to take a long time for the scam to get out of peoples heads. Poor Thamesmead, it didnt ask to be the centre of a fraud ring. There is some beautiful sites along there with fabulous views. But Woolwich itself I really feel is being undervalued at the moment - people still think of the old Woolwich - I think the next few years will see a new town with a lot of pride and a lot of people moving in who would normally have settled in nearby trendy Greenwich. Blimey, I even saw several gay couples walking along the Thames pathway - some sort of dog walking day out by the looks of it. Woolwich must be on the up The flat the subject of this thread, whilst I think the building (converted offices) looks ugly, the interiors are very high spec and trendy - not "grim" at all!
  2. The Craighton Road house is sold subject to contract now.
  3. Oh come on guys, before you work yourself into a frenzy over this supposed drop - there is definitely a mistake somewhere - no way would that flat go for £70k, Id have 4 at that price, the rental is very high and here is what mouseprice says The most expensive recorded transaction in Greens End to date, is Maritime House Flat 807 which sold for £336,774.00 on 16/08/2005. The property sale that has the lowest recorded price in Greens End to date, is Maritime House Flat 308 which sold for £205,769.00 on 20/09/2005. The most recent house purchase in Greens End was Maritime House Flat 103 which sold for £294,944.00 on 14/07/2008. You cant believe that the market has really crashed that much in 4 months. The site that the supposed £70k sale price is on, is one of those which you pay to get early info on auction properties isnt it? They may not be telling the whole truth. If the property was withdrawn at a price they appear to have slapped that down as the sold price when clearly it wasnt. In fact all you people knocking Woolwich, Ive been there recently and I think its coming along beautifully, cranes and rebuilding everywhere, new DLR opened early - coffee shop chains all over the place plus a whole new central area being put in hand. AND of course, some of the best views of London docklands from the river which has that lovely old quirky ferry let alone the new speedy river bus. Dont knock it so much guys until you check it out. Meanwhile, Ive no idea what that £70k is about - Id say that it was a complete error. We shall have to see what Land Registry throws up when it comes on line.
  4. I thought it was but now Im getting nervous? Docklands flat , 2 beds, 2 bathrooms (well, an en suite), balcony, river views, 5 minutes tube. £300k in Jan 2007 (newbuild) - repo, have had an offer of £160k accepted. Should I look to knock this down further?
  5. Oh I went to see it via the link but: Snail Homes, Thornaby, have removed this property as it may now be sold, under offer or temporarily withdrawn from the market.
  6. OMG, hell-hole or what?
  7. Well Darling and Boris have both vowed it will happen and they are bringing regeneration projects forward - so we shall see how that effects the market in the area over the next couple of years.
  8. This is the sort of thing Ive been looking at for an idea of the likely regeneration: http://www.woolwichtriangle.co.uk/vision.html
  9. sorry? I dont understand. I thought this board was to discuss potential areas worth looking at? No spoofs - offered made, valuation done last Friday - waiting to hear. My goodness you are very cynical on here arent you.
  10. Ive also been looking at the Woolwich area. Regeneration in place - financed by non government groups, new town squares, cinemas, leisure centres and public buildings, Royal Arsenal development, Thames pathway, DLR due by Feb 2009, Cross rail given go ahead, Thames bus boat, new bus services planned, stop over/venue for Olympics. I reckon its worth a punt at a decent price. Currently offered on a place at 50% below 2007 peak.
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