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  1. 10,000 years of history has shown you can not live very well in the desert and once the water pumps are cut off then the green grass at the golf clubs will die within the day. they have been building flat using labour from india for £2.00 a day and selling these flats on to fools from all over the world for 1000's M/2 if sea levels are rising as we are told then who but a fool would build islands out of sand in the sea.
  2. Inflation goes down a little bit and they talk about deflation get real deflation only happens when inflation is below zero and we are a long way off and this does not give Brown the green light to crank up the printing press
  3. Not too long ago in places like manchester and liverpool you could pick a house up for well under £10k but now we know they are both up and coming areas to live Give it time we will see it again
  4. Yes i agree but people like you are out numbered by ten to one. i reported a crime to the police and they did nothing and yet if someone smokes in the wrong place then ten of the thugs turn up within seconds looking for agro. the police officers of today are all stating to look like street fighters from new york.
  5. Don't you think it's time to cut all the non jobs in goverment and tell the trafic wardens to lay off a little bit ? Come the end of the depression once again the public will be tapped up to meet the golden pensions these parasites get whilst we go without. Less goverment is good goverment.
  6. If speculators go short on a bank and brig it down we get new laws to protect banks and yet nothing is said about the speculators on oil that pushed it to such hights. Where is the investigation mr brown
  7. If speculators go short on a bank and brig it down we get new laws to protect banks and yet nothing is said about the speculators on oil that pushed it to such hights. Where is the investigation mr brown
  8. With UK savings rates so low who can blame people for moving out the pound. Whats next an emergency decision to join the euro to save us all or something like that without asking the people what they think time to brush up on your french
  9. Well the economy is in intensive care and not responding to treatment so maybe it's gone into arrest and need a few hundred volt shock to bring it back alive even if the brain is damaged.
  10. House price have been valued in the same way as shares and CDS were valued and before that tulips so untill they come down then noting is moving and the depresion will get worse and see a lot more companies like carpet righr go bust. Auction prices are already back to 2001 prices in many cases so what dick is going to buy at the current open market price. Timber!
  11. wot you mean the market tells the truth and brown is a lier untill i work out just what will be taxed to pay for the current bank bailouts i'm not buying nothing as i can see property taxes going up by a factor of 3 to cover goverment spending. the housing carrot does not taste as good as it once did.
  12. The masses are getting feed up with being conned by leaders and will rise up just as soon as the tax bills go up to pay for the mess. people need ot ask who's money is it anyway and why do they not get a say on how it is spent.
  13. This bear maket is running on empty as people are not spending and jobs are going so exspect it to go down a lot more yet.
  14. I get it ! i break someones legs and tell them it's to stop them going to the pub and drinking too much Brown has realy screwed up and millions will be paying for his crimes
  15. Sounds like the banks have Brown over a barrel and want more of the tax payers cash. Saving rates below the offical inflation rate is an attmpt to get you all spending but to me it a flag to get moving and thats my money abroad. stuffed if i will be paying for this mess if i can help it.
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