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  1. Any seller that looks at national averages or any statistics other than their own circumstances doesn't need to sell. Get it?
  2. I read that the margins are wafer thin and that the net is eating their profit faster than they realised. Property is only £100m or so and not overpriced. People and product are much more. They need more volume through the stores, to get rid of 25% of staff, or scale back their store operations massively, like lose 400 poor performing stores quickly. Hard to do, however you look at it. I expect them to be acquired by a grocery retailer.
  3. Great logic! I would say that the reason they are refusing to drop is because there is no urgency to sell. Nothing to do with the Russian oligarchs!
  4. Yes, lots of sites. Can't say I'm inspired by what's being built, but it will probably generate a huge local market for small furniture and be a boon for the rental side of estate agency.
  5. It slumped. Down from 50,967 in September to 50,382 in October. Wow, when its 50,900 in November, presumably mortgage lending will be exploding!
  6. I had a discussion with someone quite senior about this point and he argued that there is a safe asset. People. Bring back slavery, almost full circle.
  7. The FSCS is like Lloyd's List without Names! The good news is that if there were a complete system collapse, the money owed to everyone would be worthless, so the FSCS would be able to cover that. I think the term "may" here relates to financial losses which may not be covered, mortgage advice stuff, or losses that happened prior to the current rules, so deposits are "safe".
  8. I suspect that you're wrong on both counts of increased rents and prices. Be careful who you believe
  9. "Great access to road networks". A rare occasion of underselling a property. I saw this a couple of years back and apart from the road, it struck me that it needed underpinning or rebuilding at the front and/or knocking down My link
  10. I can sense you blowing and huffing when you said that. I think you can get a Starck suite for about 1000, or am I living on another world?
  11. Salary at 1.7% isn't it. 1% of the rise is bonus. I don't know how they adjust this release but people paid bonuses in the three months to August are likely to have made those earnings in the months prior, April to June - so that would be logical because the general sales environment was strong in the first half of the year. Its crappy now though so if your salary review is now, you're screwed :angry:
  12. Actual cash... I think you mean to say that cash will always be created by King to avoid deflationary depression. Inflationary depression is what we're in (the middle?) of.
  13. Thank goodness for rental investors!
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