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  1. Maybe she's referring to household income vs the single income it used to require to secure a mortgage?
  2. It may be of benefit to find the chart that someone produced last year showing at what point one becomes a net contributor. It's also eye opening as to the effects of CTC and how much a single person needs to earn in order to level that of someone chucking sprogs out. Tax credits also have nothing to do with reversing tax. Or at least TC turbo that snot gobbler brought in isn't.
  3. It does worry me all the same. With access to information at it's easiest, it usually comes at it's lowest common denominator. Expect the special snowflakes to grow in numbers and bringing with them their inability to forge their own opinions and instead ape those they read/see in left-leaning social media circle jerks.
  4. I see the supply/demand mantra got wheeled out in the comments. Haven't we seen houses per capita increase over the last 20 years?
  5. Pretty sure that doesn't include TC's. A family member is still taking in +40k tax free (until the kids grow up, then poverty awaits)
  6. My son told me a few days ago that he wanted to be a 'youtuber' when he grows up. He got quite an earful from me.
  7. Yep, they did it the wrong way round -((332-300)/300) instead of the correct way ((300-332)/300)
  8. There's no doubt a buyer at various points on a demand curve, further down the curve, the longer you'll wait for someone who values it at the over-valued price. Depends how quickly you want it sold. Personally, if I was in your position and I was going STR, considering (although I'm theorising) your position is that HPC is inevitable in the coming months, wouldn't you want to take the first offer you can, especially in a bubbly area.
  9. Should say in the particulars "Great access for Burger King/WHSmiths & Fruit machines" For some reason I always find myself stopping at Corley services when I'm out for work.
  10. Pretty sure that's appeared on the overpriced shitholes thread. If not I've definitely seen it here before
  11. I'm certain, as said before, that she doesn't know what her shitbag of a son is up to. There's no pictures of it for a start!
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