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  1. You might want to try: http://www.gs-warrants.co.uk/SID1138111183...nfirm&c=gb&l=en Again, it's the Halifax index, but option style pricing.
  2. http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread....t=326447&page=7
  3. Ad in The Times today. 'Is your family in financial trouble? Are you fighting to keep hold of your home and your lifestyle? Firefly productions is making an intelligent and sensitive T.V documentary series for channel 4 about families in financial difficulty who are looking for ways to cope. If you are interested, please call Emma in confidence on: 0207 033 2305. Calling does not oblige you to take part in a programme'. The first of many methinks.
  4. Yes, there are a number of H.P indices available - London, National, Regional etc. These indices were suspended for some time late last year/early this year- this was due to I.G being over-exposed after a flood of sell orders. The new book was opened a few months ago and looks a lot more bearish this time round. You will need an account to see the prices.
  5. Lo and behold, - My thread has also been pulled! Only pointed out the fact that it takes only a moment to convince someone that their house has increased in value. But even when confronted with evidence to the contrary,it takes a long time to acknowledge a reverse in price. 'Well they won't fall around here' etc Someone over there really is taking offence afrter being shown the other side of the coin.
  6. Just been over there to put my 2pennth-worth in. Ever so sensitive though. 'Prices won't go down in my area' etc etc
  7. Yes, the market is open for telephone betting, I just got on U.K house price index Dec 05 @159.5 - been waiting ages for this to open again. They don't seem to be taking too many chances this time round though.
  8. Sickening - Don't know how to post links, but C4 Website under prop forums - prop general - "Revenge on difficult buyers" - I hope they lose their shirts - Their dignity is gone already. Absolute *****.
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