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  1. Such a missed opportunity, no legalising cannabis!
  2. That announcement was saved till after the election!
  3. The voters need to be edjucated about the many voting options (systems) availible, then let voters decide. At the moment its PR or PR or hold the country to ransom Could the Libs be democratic
  4. Yes, but the Libs do not have an automatic right to PR, the voters should be educated about all the different voting options (systems) so they can make their choice. Wouldnt that be democratic I agree the libs will be something to occupy the more rabid tories, whilst the rest get on with the real issues
  5. Ok a labourite is a pre op transexual waiting to become a liberal, thats how Brown is acting. The sticking point is a lib/lab/and any tom dick or harry for sale would be utter disaster a meltdown.
  6. Ding Dong I pick myself up off the floor a liberal (or liberal in drag ie labour) speaks about something other than PR!
  7. Brown has had first dibs, Clegg prempted and went to the Tories. Do the Liberals realise the shit Brown has put us in and the most important issue is the economy!
  8. Think the Banks will fight tooth and nail against you The Banks want the exact opposite, zero fraction of money as a reserve to their lending. This lending money without having to have any money means they have no accountability. No accountability and they dont have to show their books to anybody except the so called accountants.
  9. yes, and if i hear another Lib Dem banging on about electoral reform etc etc PR etc, and not a care about the economy, the tv is going out the window rock star style democracy being 2 wolves and a sheep deciding dinner
  10. The memories, when I was 17 would drive my bike down to Lulworth Cove and get stoned all day whilst lying on the beach in the sun. This was before everywhere went Purbeck mad and coaches/people everywhere. Lulworth Cove
  11. Maybe some banjo playing in Swanage, but further round ie Corfe Castle is lovely too Corfe Castle
  12. None of that, already dated, blue glass everywhere or mew'd out neurotic women with their blinged out pot bellied men wilth small members on viagra. Studland
  13. Always prefured Studland, far better beaches and some country side, also away from that Sandbanks nouveau riche feel. Rather go to Jazzy's on Shore rd they let dogs in
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