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  1. Your place categories are much too broad. To find anything useful about an individual town, even if you have entered it in the 'search' field, you have to wade through a lot of irrelevant stuff. Take Oxford (and yes, some normal people do live there!) - is it East Midlands, West Midlands? Or Worcester - the property market here is quite different from Oxford. But your broad categories lump places together very unhelpfully.
  2. Thanks - nothing like local help! Popeye
  3. Borthwick Road, north of Christchurch Rd. I made a mistake over th eprice, it is actually £65,000. There is another similar for £70,000 in same area. Not looking good? Many thanks, Popeye
  4. Hi - I'd be grateful for some advice, don't know the area, thinking of buying a studio in Boscombe. Looks like the ground floor of a decent Edwardian house, asking price £70 000, half a mile from the beach. The area looks to have parks, gardens, etc. We are oldies, not interested in surfing, etc. so the new surf beach doesn't matter to us. What is Boscombe like? Any advice gratefully received. Best wishes, Popeye.
  5. How interesting. I suppose it's a hangover from the days when undergraduates were required to reside within 3 miles of Carfax, but it seems a very self-defeating restriction now, as it just adds to price inflation. Plus a lot of academics prefer living in the villages anyway. Also, in Headington, for medics, it's more important to have good access to the hospital sites, irrespective of which side of the ring-road the journey starts. Love the Tarquin bit! Best, Popeye
  6. That's interesting. I have lived in Oxford for many years and never heard of this. Do you know which colleges do this? It seems an odd restriction. All the best, Popeye
  7. This 'within the ring-road' business makes me mad. It is just an EA's gimmick for add-on to price. There are plenty of perfectly good areas and houses outside the ring-road, and beyond Headington the added advantage of access to London. I do think optential buyers should resist the 'inside the ring-road is a golden land' myth! Then it would cease to be a fundamental problem! But I do wish you all the best in your purchasing! Cheers, Popeye
  8. That's another factor that doesn't enter into many charts of h/prices: cash purchases are not reported because they don't involve building society mortgages. Nor are sales at auction. This is an interesting site - very technical but useful. http://firstrung.co.uk/articles.asp?pageid...&cat=44-0-0
  9. Re the stashing-the-cash business, there's no point at the moment anyway because interest rates on savings are obscenely low. If mortgage interest rates increase, presumably savings rates will increase also? Not sure how (or if) this balance would affect things.
  10. At the other end of the market a small builder who did a lot of work around Headington told me that he had little work coming in from Jan to March, but orders picked up considerably in April-May, more than the usual seasonal increase. Oxford prices have dropped, but I would say by about 20 - 25% in the Headington area. I don't believe the statistics on most of the charts, because of a) the difference between asking and actual price many vendors place their properties with multiple EAs ( I heard of a house in Cambridge on sale through 11 different agents) and this is going to skew the picture drastically That's why this site is so valuable - local knowledge is so important.
  11. Thanks to all - these are just the sort of local comments that are invaluable and the other flat does look a lot better.
  12. I'm thinking about buying a one-bedroom ground floor flat in Wadham St., Weston, refurbished, with garden, close to beach and station, asking price £69.500. Would appreciate advice from anione who knows Weston. Price reasonable,? Area reasonably? etc. Thanks.
  13. Seems to me you've been smoking something
  14. Was just going to reply that poor old Barton gets a bad press and isn't really so bad, but have just seen that a Barton bloke got shot at on his own doorstep. It's not so long since the head teacher resigned because two of the dinner ladies had a punch-up at the school gates. And the vicar was sacked about a month ago for assaulting his mother. So maybe Barton isn't exactly a little idyll beyond the ring-road ...
  15. You have to keep on paying the rent but maybe you can sell the S+++ as manure. Legally, I think if anything s===ts on your property, the s===t belongs to the tenant, but maybe this is a controverssial part of landlord-tenant law. Can someone help us here?
  16. But I'm sorry Young Farmer has vanished in a puff of smoke - this was getting quite entertaining reading! Anybody else got a Haunted House?
  17. You sound like a really dodgy piece of work to me. Pay up and put an end to this nonsense!
  18. If you want to get a journalist to bite, you will have to stand up in court and say you believe the house is haunted. They need something for their headline - just your moaning about it is not enough. The court case makes it news, not just waffling on. I do not recommend approach by e-mail -send letter and photo of house to local paper for a start. If you do contact them, for God's sake read it through and sort out your spelling and grammar - you don't want to sound pissed or illiterate. This isn't snobbery, it's good basic advice.
  19. Go to court, pay up, sell your story to the press. Quids in!
  20. Adding some info re Barton house on offer for £135,00 through EA (Breckon and Breckon) I went to have a look to see what this was like. It is a Victorian stone-built cottage in the older part of Barton, (Barton Village Road) near a 17th C house called Barton Manor. Outer walls very solid, roof looks OK, nice 19thC fireplace intact. But rest of interior a total wreck, vandals have got in. Costa bomba to restore, but originally was very solidly built. Story from EA: was bought for £180,000 by bloke who intended to knock it down and build a couple of modern houses. How he thought he would get planning permission I don't know, nor why his lawyer and EA didn't warn him. You would never get permission to knock it down, not from Oxford CC. So he sold it on at £135000 as a wreck tosomeone who intended to restore it but then couldn't raise any money. Unmorgageable, uninhabitable. A real shame it is in such a state. That part of Barton is not too bad.You can't take this price as in any way typical.
  21. Hi - I'm so pleased to have found you guys again! To the Moderator:I agree with the others that this is a daft place to put Oxford - please reconsider your system. Someone mentioned low prices in Barton, but most of the houses there are prefabs, built in a huge hurry half a century ago. If people are paying 180,000+ for a tin shed with a coat of paint, it's an indication of how high prices here still are. To Howler - a million thanks for your posting- there are some joys of living in Oxford and one of them is having wonderfully literate people around! And mathematical: I sat opposite a student on the Oxford Tube and he was writing page after page of equations as fast as shorthand. Best to all, Popeye
  22. News from the coal face: went round a house off the Cowley rd today with a friend who wants to buy in Oxford. She is an Aussie - wants to live here for six months, let for six months each year. Tiny, dark, jerry-built Victorian terrace, noisy location, smartly 'dressed' to distract from drawbacks . Asking £225. Apparently a deal had just fallen through because previous buyer could not get a mortgage. EA claimed loads of interest and rental value of £900+ permonth. But the street is plastered with 'To let' signs. I would think tenants are in a very good position to make offers and don't have to take the grot. Aussie not taken in!
  23. Sorry - lips are sealed! But it was a big N. Oxford house ...
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