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  1. if BTL replaced whatever options were there as pensions (even a decent % rate on savings would stop most people) then until the govt makes something else for people to put their money in (And when you're talking over now just 75k ...) People want their money to be safe. Houses were seen as a sure bet (Just see acres of govt policy encouraging tiny % ownership to show how important each flavour think it is) Savings account are shit and have been for several years. banks are not to be trusted. Maybe gold is / isn't an option. Unless you have it in your hand it doesn't exist. Shrodingers gold.) Just cos they tax BTL doesn't mean there's something else for people to put their money into. Offer 8% on a savings account and no one (sane) would have ever put a bean into BTL.
  2. The council have just approved a development on a football pitch http://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/8/news-headlines/100797/houses-will-replace-pitch "The level of affordable housing, at 42 units, is just under 35 per cent of the total development and the open space provided is surplus to requirement." 124-property build at the former Rose Mill site Allowance has been made for 1,335 square metres of open space with two footpaths running through the development with links to South Chadderton tram stop. I have started this thread so I can post back what 'affordable' ends up meaning in a few months.
  3. https://www.rt.com/uk/367240-trump-khan-london-emigrate/ Anti-Trump Americans can move to London, says Mayor Saddiq Khan “And our website’s not going to crash,” he added in a poke at the Canadian immigration website, which reportedly crashed as results started coming in the morning after Election Day.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-37974423 The size of this shadow economy is reckoned to be as much as 20% of India's entire GDP. Mr Modi's demonetisation is designed to drive black money out of the shadows. At the moment you can exchange up to 4,500 (£48) of the old rupees in cash for new 500 (£6) and 2,000 (£24) rupee notes. There is no limit to the amount that can be deposited in bank accounts until the end of December, but the government has warned that the tax authorities will be investigating any deposits above 250,000 rupees (£2,962).
  5. Claim it back .. Which is the right way to do it.
  6. How much do I earn before they take any, and how much before I get none? Is there not a graph?
  7. Freehold Comprising 44 flats and 29 houses 62 properties subject to Assured Shorthold Tenancies 4 properties subject to Assured Tenancies 7 properties currently vacant Rent reserved: £357,778 per annum Potential for active asset management to increase rents to market levels Estimated Rental Value: £403,500 per annum 44 flats freehold? 7 vacant is 10% void ..
  8. if they have to have lived here for three months before claimīgn benefits then i am hopefully that border control will have a record of the date they arrived. any one want to bet on ther being no way of checkong when people arrived and advice will be given to back date your arrival by three months?
  9. https://www.indy100.com/article/brexit-leave-remain-52-48-per-cent-voter-turnout-electoral-register-7399226 So who isn't on the electoral roll and why not?
  10. I have been told the clothes are crap. I stopped buying their shoes when the price went up and the quality fell off a cliff.
  11. Central Greater Manchester BRMA For comparison. Shared Accommodation Rate: £67.20 per week One Bedroom Rate: £101.98 per week Two Bedrooms Rate: £119.98 per week Three Bedrooms Rate: £133.32 per week Four Bedrooms Rate: £186.47 per week Downloads about the Central Greater Manchester Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA): Oldham: Oldham & Rochdale BRMA Shared Accommodation Rate: £55.90 per week One Bedroom Rate: £83.91 per week Two Bedrooms Rate: £97.81 per week Three Bedrooms Rate: £113.92 per week Four Bedrooms Rate: £149.59 per week So for not much more than Harrow's one bedroom rate you can have a whole 4 bedder up here.
  12. Perhaps the other question is how they have losses of 100k? And this says :http://www.brighton-accountants.com/blog/tax-relief-rental-losses/ The key point here is that as long as the person owns at least one buy-to-let property which is being rented out, or there are only short gaps between properties, the rental loss can be carried forward indefinitely. This reduces the chance of never getting the tax relief. A period of say 3 years without any properties or rental activity would probably be enough for the tax office to argue that the rental business had closed, and any historical rental losses would disappear forever for tax purposes, even if another rental property was acquired in the future.
  13. Tricia writes: One mortgage is fixed for a number of years, so penalty clauses if I sell now !I have £100,000 of losses to carry forward (from many years) so it won’t effect us How many years can you carry losses over? (And is there cash to be made from sending that thread to the HMRC?)
  14. Because the referendum act for this years referendum did not make it clear that the government should enforce the decision made in the referendum? Which means someone needs asking why that wasn't put in.
  15. It also begs the question why we pay a full time head in any school if they can manage on 1/8 of the hours. They have business managers in schools!!!
  16. Oldham Council has warned that as many as 700 local residents could be hit financially by the Government’s new Benefit Cap. http://www.oldham.gov.uk/press/article/1242/oldham_residents_to_be_affected_by_benefit_cap From Monday (7 November) the maximum amount of out-of-work benefits working-age families can receive in Oldham will be £20,000 with single adults with no children not able to claim more than £13,400. Total household welfare payments will be capped at £384.62 per week for couples or lone parent households and at £257.69 per week for single person households with no children. The changes could impact on a total of 520 households in Oldham, 47 of which already have a cap on their benefits. Around 125 Universal Credit claimants are also affected. The new cap will be implemented in stages with the 47 existing capped households affected from 14 November and newly capped households affected from 12 December. Claimants affected by the benefit cap are allowed a 39-week “grace period” which provides protection for those with a consistent work history whose employment has ended or they have been forced to leave work due to a change in their circumstances. If residents are affected their housing benefit will be reduced to make sure the total amount of benefit they receive isn’t more than the benefit cap level.
  17. Whoever drafted that bill knew what it all meant. They'd have checked the big book of referenda law wouldn't they?
  18. There's an article (Possible the wail) showing % decrease of white people in towns and cities in the UK. Where have all the white people gone? And then being told white people's fault for moving away.
  19. 8% would be a start. I'd not flinch if they went to 12% The sad thing is most debtors would be in trouble at 1% increase.
  20. So they can have a referendum as long as we don't decide we want change?
  21. Police estimated attendance as well in excess of 750,000 people[35] and the BBC estimated that around a million attended.[36] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_15,_2003,_anti-war_protests#United_Kingdom
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