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  1. The correct deal stacking calculation is now:Monthly rent x 12 divided by 5.5% divided by 145%This will show you how much borrowing the rent will support. 600 7200 130909.1 89.97188 ? Or am I using a % button when I shouldn't or something?
  2. The third lot? Some people will think Gary and I are pretty well off because, in addition to our £135,000 three-bedroom family home — we use the loft as an extra bedroom — we have a terraced house worth £110,000 that we rent out, and we have recently bought a dilapidated property in the Dordogne for £47,000. And they've got an allotment. Well buying a holiday home in France is great but it means (when it's renovated) you spend all your holidays there and ignore the allotment.
  3. The next lot: Monthly take home: £3,100 Monthly outgoings: £2,942 Amount left over: £158 Outgoings: Childcare £50; Car £120; Petrol £200; Food £320; Mortgage £860; Council tax £230; Mobile phones £110; Broadband, home phone, TV £70; Gas and electricity £120; Home insurance £30; Life insurance £12; Clothes: £50; Hairdresser’s costs for Richard and Preston £20; Going out/takeaways £150; Credit card: £600 minimum (still paying off) They could cut less hair, just watch freeview, stop going out for a while, The CC is killing them. That's what they need to concentrate on getting rid of. I'd love to know how much they spend on Christmas. Cos it should be about £30 on presents for everyone and that's it.
  4. They're not jams.. they're actually really stupid eekits Childcare: It cost us £1,600 a month, almost £20,000 a year, which was crippling. We were forced to take out hefty loans from family members to see us through. We’re paying them back as and when we can.
  5. I've got a friend espousing the benefits of being vegan at the same time posting about how ill she is with a cold.
  6. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/top-architect-blasts-freeriding-tenants-living-in-council-houses-in-central-london-and-says-they-a3404711.html Top architect blasts 'free-riding' tenants living in council houses in central London and says they should be moved, to make way for HIS staff
  7. You'd have to hope HMRC are going to set aside some time to double check all of these things
  8. https://www.gov.uk/check-tenant-right-to-rent-documents/who-to-check Check all new tenants. It’s against the law to only check people you think aren’t British citizens. https://eforms.homeoffice.gov.uk/outreach/lcs-application.ofml
  9. Piss take with spring statement and autumn budget.
  10. New savings bond with NS&I. 2. something % to be in budget next year.
  11. 11500 tax allowance. Which is always good.
  12. Lots of changes to those who tweak their tax..
  13. Just seen another link to a buy your house fast for cash company Anyone else noticed an increase in them? (No idea how they will work if landlording is unprofitable from now on..)
  14. But what rules attached? Have to be on mortgage or just assisting with deposit? Will they have to have a stake in the property? The devil is in the detail.
  15. This has been discussed a while ago and a budget agreed for it.
  16. Last week an accountant tried to tell me about some rent a room scheme where you dedicate a room in your house to your business and claim £4k a year off the company for it. I said I only use part of a room, and he said 'they never come and check' .. to which I said I would sleep better at night knowing that I wasn't lying to the tax man. He did seem taken aback by that though. Perhaps these people also had accountants tell them they never check.
  17. So how does that work if the tenant gets 2 months in rent arrears and the LL asks to have the HB paid direct? How much will they get? Or can LL not ask anymore?
  18. I think this needs to be done in the autumn statement. If the EU don't like it then they can throw us out!
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