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  1. 1 hour ago, EssKay said:

    Agree that shit holes in crap areas will probably always be shit holes in crap areas, but hopefully measures like this will tip a few more BTL slumlord investors over the edge and cause them to realise that building up a pwoperdee portfolio isn't the sure fire route to untold wealth they thought it would be.


    Oh, and it *might* just make life a bit more bearable for the unfortunate people forced to rent from them 

    If the idiot-d-heads are moved out then where will they go? 

    There are some people who will always be antisocial nobs and probably need putting somewhere away from the rest of society.

    But failing that the only way to deal with them is through the courts. Either locking them up (as above) or instructing them they will be locked up unless they behave.


  2. 3 hours ago, Dyson Fury said:

    All the names involved in Cobalt Data centres schemes 2 and 3 are a matter of public record here:


    Most of these people are paid more in a week than the average person earns in a year.  Why are they so obsessed with these tax avoidance schemes?  Why don't they just put the permitted amounts into ISAs and SIPPs and pay the 45% tax on the rest?  They'd still be left with more money than anyone can reasonably spend in a lifetime.

    279 officers / 2 resignations




    Won't look at how many the others have got.

  3. They had a go at it in Lightbowne and Moston a few years ago. Scheme has very little history left online - so I assume it was an complete waste of time and money.

    This Crumpsall scheme is for 400 properties.

    In the time it's taken to set up this scheme they could have actually reinforced the role of environmental health and asked the courts not to allow retaliatory evictions for tenants asking for repairs to be done.

    I am against landlord licencing as they could just nudge the courts into making repeat offenders ineligible to hold property for rental purposes.

    The scheme is also intended to get landlords to ask for a reference from a previous landlord.

    Do you think scumbag's soon to be ex landlord will write them a good reference to get rid of them? 

    I do not feel the scheme could possible be self-funding and I assume there will be a pension to pay for any additional staff employed directly from the scheme.

    The courts have the biggest role in dealing with nuisance neighbours and bad property management. 


  4. On 14/12/2016 at 2:43 PM, thecrashingisles said:

    In the real world it's easier to do something about tax credits than to do something about free movement.  Even with the Brexit vote it's quite likely we'll stay in the single market.  If your real objection is to people being able to game the system then this is where you need to keep the political pressure.  Saying "Brexit Now!", just increases the chance that you'll get a fudge that changes nothing.

    Why can't you stop tax credits?

    What did people do before them?

    There was a time when native british would do fruit and veg picking.

  5. 12 minutes ago, newbonic said:

    Not having extremely generous salaries (plus the state pension) and index linked final salary pensions for NHS middle and senior managers would probably free up a lot more cash for the care budget. 

    On a more serious note - I know of a hospital where one ward has so few permanent trained local staff that they run entire shifts with mostly agency staff. The agency staff cost about double that of a permie, and usually need micro managing, e.g. because they don't know where anything or anywhere is, and speak poor English. I'm guessing that that situation is replicated across hundreds of wards in scores of hospitals in the UK. So if Head of NHS wants to free up funds, I suggest they get less incompetent at recruiting and training medical staff.

    Cap pensions to minimum level for everyone.

    Cap wages.

    And create an in house agency for each hospital. (Hasn't someone said they do this) but put people onto proper contracts where possible.

  6. 2 hours ago, EnglishinWales said:

    You'd be amazed how many tenants' websites talk down to their audience as well, telling them that what their landlord wants is more important than what works for them : "you must let the landlord come round whenever he wants, after all it's his property". 


    You'd be amazed how many idiots there are out there. Someone didn't want to complain about the damp and bad electrics cos they like where the house is. You can't help some people.

  7. 2 minutes ago, EnglishinWales said:

    Landlords evict tenants who challenge them. Whilst section 21 of the AST exists they can keep doing it. For some a challenge could be a tenant repeatedly requesting a tenancy agreement when it's the landlord's policy not to do this - about half in my experience.  Individual tenants have no power; legislation on landlords is the only way to reign them in.

    But this doesn't stop that.

    The courts need to be encouraged to take action to stop that sort of retaliatory action.
    They should then deem a LL an unfit person to be a LL.

  8. 2 hours ago, fru-gal said:

    I wonder what effect LHA going to EU migrants has had on all this since 2004? As I understand although not 100% certain, EU migrants can no longer claim LHA (or housing benefit) since 2015 (perhaps Durhamborn or someone knowledgeable on this can confirm).


    New migrant jobseekers from the European Economic Area (EEA) will no longer be able to get Housing Benefit (HB) from April, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith announced today (20 January 2014).

    Does that mean the ones here before then can continue to?

  9. http://www.manchester.gov.uk/news/article/7582/crumpsall_s_selective_licensing_area_has_been_confirmed

    Licensing privately rented properties includes mandatory conditions to ensure good management of private properties, including:

    - An up to date gas and electric safety certificate

    - Safe condition of electrical appliances

    - Fitted smoke detectors in a working condition

    - Providing the tenant with a written tenancy agreement

    - Demand a reference for prospective tenants

    - The city council can also attach specific conditions to improve specific issues

    A landlord must apply for a licence if they rent a property in the licensable area and can be fined for not obtaining a licence.

    My issue with selective licensing is that the laws are in already place for LL to be obliged to only rent out safe, habitable properties.
    Env Health can and do enforce action to improve properties which make properties better for tenants.

    When it's for 400 properties like this scheme then you have to ask, can the problem not be solved in some other way? By leafleting properties to let tenants know their rights and how to deal with bad landlords?

    You can wipe a man's **** for him and he has a clean **** for a day, or you can teach him how to wipe his own and he can have a clean **** forever.

  10. 1 hour ago, Odin said:

    Because contactless payments are designed to work "offline" meaning the payment card and the payment machine it is used with does not need to talk to the bank in real-time to take the money.  So things like parking meters / vending machines work, those devices may not even have a phone line (not even a mobile one).  Someone goes out and plugs in and downloads.  Or in the case of them having a phone line they batch up the transactions and send them through in a few seconds on a single call.

    So the bank do not know about the transactions until the party collecting the monies call for them hours/days later.

    This is also why payment is authorized so fast, as there is no machine telephoning/interneting the banking system to validate the transaction (i.e. you have sufficient funds).  The same thing can happen with chip-and-pin some vendors might have a transaction limit that can be taken offline (like below £30), but this may affect their transaction risks/costs the merchant always looses out when the transaction is found to be problematic.

    so when they say it will only allow three transactions before s pin is required .. they actually mean nothing of the sort.

    which explains why someone i know had ten transactions on her stolen card.

  11. http://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/8/news-headlines/101109/seeing-red-over-greenbelt-plan

    "In some cases these may need to fall within the green belt or on areas designated as Other Protected Open Land."

    The proposals are currently under a public consultation, with residents invited to share their opinions on the plans online, in writing and in person at various consultation meetings in the borough until December 23.

    The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) sets out a plan to provide housing and investment opportunities for sustainable growth over the next 20 years.

    It outlines a need for an additional 227,200 new homes across Greater Manchester by 2035, including 13,700 (6 per cent of the total figure) in Oldham.

  12. On 02/12/2016 at 3:26 PM, knock out johnny said:


    It'll be interesting if they deport the 1.2m boomer Brits living on the Costa del Cirrhosis  back to the UK and their ensuing old age medical problems eh? All that boomer money buying UK property again and the increased burden on the NHS. Win-Win. What's not to like?

    They almost certainly all travel home for their medical treatment. The ones I know do anyway.

  13. 2 hours ago, Upabove said:

    Kind of sad about this actually.  All this year I've been doing 6-8 week secondments all around the country, moving around so regularly makes normal renting impossible but it's too long to stay in hotels for without wanting to kill yourself.  Airbnb has been absolutely brilliant for finding good cheap accommodation but 90 day limits such as this would prevent it from catering for the short term contractor market :(

    from renting out entire homes for more than 90 days a year without official consent.

    So if you only want a room the it'll not stop you.
    And what's to stop people asking for consent for longer?

  14. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-42825258.html

    The second attraction is the business element that is generating a handsome income, with Triple AAA operators who are currently running these assets as homes for vulnerable teenagers.All five properties are fully tenanted and in truth always are fully tenanted simply due to the nature of the services provided. Our client has just recently renewed all five contracts, therefore the incoming buyer will benefit from the comfort of the five year, fully repairable leases that have built in rent reviews in line with inflation. 

    This'll presumably be the tax payer at the other end coughing up money.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Bland Unsight said:

    As to televisions. Lots of households used to rent televisions and it was a non-trivial expense. Are you seriously suggesting that TVs didn't get cheaper or that the cost of a TV should be excluded from the assessment of CPI? The government doesn't need to manipulate inflation statistics. They just choose which one to employ, hence replacing RPI with RPIX and then replacing that with CPI. 

    I believe the basket for inflation measure should include things that people buy on a regular basis. I don't believe anyone buys a tv often enough for it to be relevant.

    Bread, milk, petrol would all be acceptable things to put in the basket. Although maybe the milk and petrol might get mixed up and leak.

    Excuse my cynicism about inflation and government statistics.

  16. 6 minutes ago, Bland Unsight said:

    You'd want some kind of national statistics service to set up some kind of index of private housing rental prices so that you could get a quick reasonableness check on claims being made.

    Index of private housing rental prices (IPHRP) in Great Britain


    So if lots of landlords put the rents up then the rents go up...? 

    or will rents stay the same but rooms get smaller? :-D


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