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  1. Amazing - buy a hotel room - for those fed up with the property market to invest in. 170k I think they said for a room (And then presumably you get money when its let out)
  2. You could always send the letter back to the building society marked "not known at this address." After all its your credit address not hers...
  3. I've seen some autumn sale mentions in the free newspaper (which takes the same ads as Manchester evening news I assume)
  4. Lower your offer even more. Just for a giggle
  5. "running since march" "computer equipment all brand new" "value £3000" Hmmm. No, sadly like house prices the price of computer equipment is unlikely to be what it was worth in March.
  6. Encouraging people to put houses on the market due to great demand in this area... Did they do this during the last crash?
  7. One of our local EA reckons he needs more to sell... got a flyer tonight... (Did they tout for business like this last time?)
  8. We got a flyer tonight from one of the local estate agents who reckons property is flying out of his window so quick he wants some more to sell... http://tomclarke.co.uk (The house that we couldn't get a viewing of at £139k is still on for £159k nearly 6 months later)
  9. Britain have just won another gold for white water rafting. Sadly two cornish blokes in a transit van. :-/
  10. Why don't you put the data into a plain text file separated with commas etc then it could be opened in excel.
  11. And the people who did buy it went well over the asking price?
  12. Will also be interesting to see mr tax man pay people a visit too.
  13. http://www.seriousaboutnews.com/bos/page.h...3&storyID=28454 : falsely declaring that his earnings were £70,000 per year, when they were £15,000, in order to obtain a mortgage. Apprently It's mortgage brokers who have been encouraging people to use self-certified mortgages and exaggerate their earnings according to BBC's The Money Programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressrele..._mortgage.shtml
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