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  1. On 21/02/2017 at 4:33 PM, ubuntu said:

    obviously you don't frequent north Mnachester then, is full of them traditionally.Born and brought up in 80s Manchester, couldn't wait to get out.

    Oh it's not all bad. Apart from the dinosaur attitudes of a lot of the old men, the awful tribalism that affects areas of Oldham (Kids won't go to other areas), and the nasty women from Newton Heath who do things in cars with men for money. 


  2. Two claimants, Abdul Majid and Shabana Javed, are British citizens who have partners who are Pakistani nationals.

    The third is a Lebanese refugee who cannot find suitable work in the UK despite his postgraduate qualifications. He says his similarly-qualified wife has high earning potential and speaks fluent English.

    A final case concerns another recognised refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo whose wife has been barred from settling.

  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39050664


    Income rules which stop thousands of British citizens bringing their foreign spouse to the UK are lawful "in principle" the Supreme Court has ruled.

    Judges rejected an appeal by families who argued that the rules breached their human right to a family life.

    As of 2012, Britons must earn more than £18,600 before a husband or wife from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can settle in the UK.

    Judges criticised this threshold as "defective" and a cause of "hardship".

    The seven justices sitting on the case found those rules did not take sufficient account of the welfare of the children involved, or of alternative sources of income.

    What's a cause of hardship?
    What alternative sources of income? 


  4. Oh this is due to tax credirs being stopped for new migrant workers


    Is it easy for EU migrants to claim benefits in the UK?

    No. Tougher rules came into force in March 2015 stating new EU migrants who arrive in the UK cannot claim any benefits until they have started work here.

    They must also have lived in the UK for three months before putting in any benefit claims.

    What benefits are they currently entitled to claim?

    Once they have been living in the country for three months they are entitled to claim:

    • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
    • Child Benefit
    • Child Tax Credits

    They used to be allowed to claim Housing Benefit but this has now been scrapped.

    How much is the government paying out in EU migrant benefits now?

    Figures from the Department of Work and Pensions, obtained by The Times (£), reveal the government paid out:

    • £30 million in child benefit in 2014 to families with children living abroad - of these, two third of claimants were Polish

    As of February 2015, DWP figures show there were 113,960 EU nationals claiming benefits - an increase of 21,870 since 2010.

    Of these:

    • 21,460 were claiming Jobseeker's allowance
    • 17,000 were claiming employment and support and incapacity benefits
    • 6,000 were claiming carer's allowance
    • 4,000 were claiming lone parent allowance
    • 3,900 were claiming disability allowance
  5. 9 hours ago, BristolBuyer said:

    That part of central Birmingham might be a special case, as it's within walking distance of the proposed new HS2 railway station. There seemed to be loads of student-related building and advertising going on when I wandered through it a few months ago.

    students are council tax free. one non student and council tax is due?

  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38564137


    Name: Mark Hepburn, age 23. A debt collector on £18,500 a year

    Lives with: Partner Laura Starkie, age 25. An accountant on £20,000 a year

    Location: Oldham, Greater Manchester

    House price: £125,000 for a three bedroom semi-detached house

    Deposit: £6,250 (5%) with the Help to Buy mortgage scheme (which ended in December)

    Name: Ruby Willard, age 22. A recruitment consultant on £19,000 a year plus commission

    Lives with: Partner Sam Bardell, age 22. An engineer on £24,000 a year plus overtime

    Location: Havant, Hampshire

    House price: £182,200 for a two-bedroom terraced house

    Deposit: £18,220 (10%) with the Help to Buy Isa


  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38893452

    Premium Bond prizes will be cut from May


    The estimated number of tax-free £100,000 prizes each month will fall from three to two, and there will also be two fewer £25,000 prizes.

    The reduction is part of a wider cut in interest rates across a range of NS&I's savings products.

    Cuts of up to 0.25 percentage points "reflect market conditions" it said.




     But please save for your old age care.


  8. The guardian reports it as: 
    ” They added that the government did not want to scare people off from renting out homes, but offer incentives to encourage best practice and isolate the worst landlords. By emphasising the rights of renters, as well as trying to boost house building, the white paper will mark a turning point for a party that since the 1980s, and the first council house sales, has promoted home ownership as a badge of success, while neglecting the interests of renters.

  9. 11 hours ago, nome said:

    Here's an interesting tale from my home town, after being evicted for failing to pay £75k legal costs in a battle she lost with neighbours over damaged listed roof tiles, the homeowner has now sold her house for £2 to a couple of ''benevolent private companies'' and is now living back in her house as a tenant with a 10 year tenancy agreement.

    The word is these supposed ''benevolent private companies'' are actually family members 

    Surely if it was this simple every home owner with huge debts would be doing this kind of thing?..






    Not shown up yet?

  10. 1 hour ago, CunningPlan said:

    Imagine the benefit if everyone hit by the 'more room than you should expect everyone else to pay for' charge just took in a lodger rather than moaned about it all being 'my family home' and 'so unfair'?

    Yes. something like 750,000 spare rooms.

    All those stories of people being homeless might not have to exist.

  11. 22 minutes ago, fru-gal said:

    Well the total number of births dropped by quite a lot after the Tories got in and started cutting some benefits; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-28330429

    Will be interesting to see if there is a drop in families having 3 or more children after the tax credit/housing benefit 2 child cap comes in to force in April.

    More than a quarter of live births were to mothers born outside the UK, an increase to 26.5% compared with 25.9% the previous year.


  12. On 10/01/2017 at 5:00 PM, CunningPlan said:

     How will this effect housing / NHS / schools / wages?

    Any thoughts? 

    The one next to my mum in rural midlands will maybe take his new wife and three children with them. He doesn't work. She is trained as a doctor in her home country but hasn't worked here as one as she has had two children in fairly short succession and hasn't finished whatever the conversion course is. She was doing cleaning work. 

    Three less kids in overcrowded primary school.
    5 less people registered at doctors
    1 gravid female less in maternity.
    Less translation services for NHS.
    One empty council house.
    Less tax credits and CB, HB paid out.


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