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  1. Anyone used Choices? High fees... curious to understand if you've found them useful?
  2. Uh oh...... I work for one of the largest executive search firms.. and well it seems we are as popular as estate agents around here. Oh behalf of all my industry colleagues I apologize for all the naff call center type experiences it sounds like you've put up with. We are not all naive cowboys, some of us do deeply care about candidates ... some of us care about your business success and strive to understand what's driving your business and what kind of leadership you need. I couldn't do the job otherwise.... But whether it drives you mad or not, recruitment goes on in volatile times..... especially at senior levels.... and these market conditions are even good news to consultants working at the top of their game as the CEOs and Business Leaders get the chop and need to be replaced. Anyhows - - you'll be pleased to know with typical HPC schadenfreude glee that our company is making preemptive redundancies in the middle management recruiting areas - - and I'm 1) expecting to be laid off and 2) standing back on HPC to get shot down for being one level up from pond slime estate agent ..... Ready, Steady, Take Aim ......
  3. Presume I'll wake up tomorrow despite not having the faintest scooby what any of this HPC speak means? Changing my name from PeaSoup to PeaBrain.....
  4. Thanks TheLaw... really interesting... if I'm reading right looks like the forecast sees 2002/ 3 prices as the floor around the end of 2009 early 2010 ?
  5. We're cutting by 10% ... recruitment firm. Heartbreaking.
  6. The maths doesn't work on this one.... by a factor of about 10... someone will know the average price in Chelsea but for sure you'll be struggling to find a nice cupboard for £150K
  7. Someone got a good deal here..... I know Versailles Road well ...... under 5 mins to Crystal Palace train station, the lakes end of the park, nice street, Victorian housing stock, high ceilings etc, next to detached double fronted etc, off street parking etc. £100K seems a good price
  8. Online catalogue for next residential auction released. 416 lots. Follow the link for online catalogue Allsop residential auction
  9. Major economic news now being leaked to the Scarborough Evening News ? I've been reading all the wrong stuff....
  10. I had a baby this year and am renting, having sold July 07 while pregnant and it probably was the right thing to do economically...but..... at some point with babies you want a home... with a sense of permanece and where you know that the roots you're making with neighbours, playgroups and all that stuff isn't temporary.. I know I do... having to seriously go with my head rather than heart in resigning the lease.... If they buy, then suggest they offer at least 30% off the asking and take a long term view that they are getting a home even if things dip below that next year. Wish them luck with the baby!
  11. You wouldn't be human if you didn't feel uneasy right now... but it's hard to unpick which bits of that 'fear' are quite deliberately infused as a frightened public is a compliant public... means we'll accept drastic initiatives as they are sold to us in our fear as 'cures'. eg... be frightened of Russia so we enter the cold war, be scared of the axis of evil so you can invade a country and now be frightened of world economic collapse so they can............ I don't know the answer to the question, but I am trying not to let myself get too scared ...... as the sun will shine tomorrow.. well unlikely in blighty but you get my point....
  12. I find the fact he's come out and said that genuinely scary.......
  13. I don't know where these markets fellas are hanging out if they are still in the 'fearing' phase... I'd say.. "newsflash" ... it was here....
  14. Can we lobby for a new party formed of his highness Vince Cable, Tony Benn and Michael Portillo (cant believe I've come round on MP but that's middle age for you ) ? ... Anyone who's thinking of voting Labour.. I just say 'Hazel Blears'.... that should be enough to stop you...
  15. "oozing with charm" = complete wreck "Rolling countryside and open views" = isolated draughty old shed or my personal favourite ... "ideally located for commuters" = overlooks the M25
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