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  1. sign_of_the_times

    Severe Flood Warnings Issued For Thames

    not so Grim Up-North now is it?
  2. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    Threat of war Short covering Safe haven status Asian wedding season Shortage of physical etc etc Gold will always hold its value as it has done for many thousands of years. ( the real stuff)
  3. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    LOl...MT, you must have bruises all the way up your legs from the amount of times you must have kicked yourself for not buying when the time was right. If Gold is out of your league, Silver is still very cheap (for now!)
  4. sign_of_the_times

    The Public Belief That The House Price Crash Is Over.

    Some of us just had enough of waiting, I rented for 8 years expecting the HPC that never came. Glad I found this site when I did back in 2004 in the days of cgnao et al, convinced me to park most of my STR fund in bullion when the price was £420/oz, sold the lion share at over £1000/oz and I now have a tiny mortgage on a lovely place I've had the satisfaction of renovating over the last 6 months. Was a bit stressful keeping that much stash at home for so long, now there's just a few sovs (and some silver) for any shtf scenario. Here in the North there are bargains to be had and prices did come down but stuff is selling also, no forests of for sale boards like in 2009. I hate the current economic situation as much as the next guy and I worry for my kids future, but I made the move and so far, so good... Good luck guys and adios
  5. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    looks like the Bernank just pissed all over RK's 'predictions'
  6. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    lol seen it all before, DON'T BE FOOLED
  7. sign_of_the_times

    Gas Is Running Low As Chill Continues

    Fine, lets burn bankers and politicians to keep warm
  8. sign_of_the_times

    What Is Your Plan Now

    We've just bought a place big enough to annexe off some of it in years to come, can't see the kids being able to afford a place of their own...
  9. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    to make you feel better about not having any...........for now
  10. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    If this is not a sign to have physical gold (or silver) in your possession, then I don't know what is?
  11. sign_of_the_times

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    Be surprised if we dont see a spike next week due to Cyprus
  12. sign_of_the_times

    Housing Benefit Changes

    nor are they 'lords' apart from in their own tiny minds nothing but rent seekers
  13. sign_of_the_times

    Is Inflation Kicking Off?

    pair of RCF PA cabs + Subwoofer, Yamaha 01v96i (got the 01v96 vcm at present but the new one gives 16 channels of playback / recording via usb so no interface required!)
  14. sign_of_the_times

    Is Inflation Kicking Off?

    well I'm bringing forward a major purchase of pro audio equipment instead of later this year before manufactureres alter their list prices to reflect the weak pound (as happened back in 2007/8)
  15. sign_of_the_times

    It's A Sea Of Red Out There

    Gold back over $1600

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