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  1. renterbob - your posts make it clear that you hate landlords - you make the odd exception but essentially you hate landlords as a group Your expressions of glee when you hear of any having problems make this quite plain. I prefer to judge people as I find them.
  2. I think you are quite justified in arguing that an up to date reference is a needless expense. The agents can look at the last reference they obtained and also advise the landlord how you have been since then. If i were you i would just get confirmation that my employment had not changed (if this is the case) do a bankruptcy search online against your name (about £4) and get a letter from the landlord you have been with. Any sensible landlord would be happy with that. It may well be that the agents want an up to date reference to a. cover themselves and b. get a bit of commission. You should stand firm in not paying. I am surprised that the landlord is not willing to reduce - keep plugging away at that and look for other properties
  3. when moving into a property you should always bring any defects to the attention of the landlord and the agents - did the agents not do an inventory?
  4. I guess that the OP did not mention what proportions he had borrowed because he felt it was his own business and because his post was asking why were landlords hated so much. I appreciate that paddles was seeking to differentiate between the more established landlords and people who had bought recently with no deposit and inflated loans. However in order to reply to the OP he did not need to establish what category the OP fell into. Renterbob why can't you get a council house? You would be happier there than with a private landlord
  5. the only dummy i am aware of is the one who just replied to my last message p.s. is your rent up to date?
  6. Renterbob i was illustrating how some tenants turn out to be liars. Your posts show that lying is second nature to you e.g. your advice on how to delay court proceedings p.s. isn't Friday the day you usually move house?
  7. The flat can be sold anytime providing the price is low enough. But people who are "desperate" tend not to be so desperate that they will walk away from a possible profit. Other options 1. depending on salary one could buy the other out/if salary was insufficient a friendly parent could guarantee the loan 2. one could agree to live there for a while in the hope that prices recover 3. they could rent it out as we do not know whether this is one flat in a block of 100 similar ones or a flat which is a bit more select - that will affect the speed of sale and price
  8. He should be with you soon - I saw him at the gate completing a crossword - he just colours in all the white squares but it keeps him happy
  9. If one tenant has moved out and another has moved in then it may be worthwhile looking at the original agreement to see what this says about bringing someone else in - if the new person is just a friend and is not down as a tenant this means that full liability for rent will fall on you so it would make sense to get them to take on some liability the original agreement with 2 tenants would normally be on the basis of joint and several liability - if one has gone and you are left you are the easy target
  10. Pay no attention to renterbob - it is clear that he has an inbuilt hatred of people who own property which will only change when he owns one you said payment of rent was delayed and you did not know - I am afraid I am rather cynical about this. I have one tenant who so far has had problems paying rent because:- 1. changing bank accounts 2. bank error 3. bank cancelled standing order without telling them 4. was going to pay by cash but got sent away by employers for a weeks course 5. was going to pay but dad not so well so she took time off to look after him etc etc
  11. I have no political axe to grind - I take the same view as "vacant possession" - why do these people have to mix with billionaires socially ? If Osborne did ask for £50,000.00 for his party what was the russian expecting to get in return? Why does a Russian billionaire get friendly with Mandelson ( who was in a position in the european parliament to deal with matters which would help the Russian Why do they not take normal holidays instead of staying at rich people's houses all the time? Why couldnt mandelson have just had a week in an apartment in mykonos? However at the end of the day we are all just small fry and they will keep on doing what they do - the only thing we have to do is help to pay for it in one way or another
  12. As for tenants obliged to vacate due to the buy to let property being repossessed I think you will find that it is not a great problem. In practice they will have plenty of time to find alternative accommodation - there are lots of rented properties out there - and lenders seem happy to sell the properties at auction with tenants already there - they see these as more attractive to buyers
  13. The first example refers to someone who bought a council house for £30,000.00 and then took an extra loan out for double glazing so let's say the mortgage increased to £40,000.00. Using a "high" interest rate of 7% repayments would be £286 per month with a capital/interest repayment mortgage and £233 per month on interest only. Therefore if they say they had to pay £500 a month then there must be a few other things they are not telling us about. It would be interesting to note what proportion of repossessions now were "buy to let" mortgages. For instance I saw a reference recently to a block of flats were 82 out of 84 were repossessed buy to lets I think it is likely to be the case that most sensible families will not have too many problems. Historically rates are still low and if people have not been too greedy by borrowing more they will be able to afford things - I appreciate there will be exceptions where unforeseen job losses/illness come along.
  14. Tips for renterbob and friends get one over on landlords 1. dont pay last months rent and let them use the deposit instead but do a bit of damage before you go just to make sure the landlord does not break even 2. mess the place up generally before you go - this will cost landlord money 3. continually pay rent late and make up excuses for doing so (renterbob will have a list you can use so as to avoid repetition) 4. if landlord comes to visit and leaves his jacket around nick his wallet and take money out 5. if landlord's children come to visit keep one and demand ransom 6. if landlord is blind count out rent as if it is in twenty pound notes but use ten pounds notes instead - instant 50% saving 7. with luck all landlords will be put out of business and renterbobs predictions will come to pass p.s. renterbob - why do you go quiet on some threads when people support what i have said after you have said it is nonsense p.p.s. renterbob - please let me know how i can apply for your course " how to get rich quick by renting" p.p.p.s when is your book " My 38 homes in 3 years being published"?
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