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  1. IEA: U.S. Set to Become World’s Biggest Oil Producer The United States is poised to become the biggest oil producer in the world within the next decade. The Paris-based International Energy Agency says the United States will surpass Saudi Arabia’s oil production by around 2020 with the aid of controversial extraction techniques such as "fracking" and horizontal drilling.
  2. BBC How many new houses were built from 2001 to 2011?
  3. Appreciate your support. from £269,999 update to follow 2014/15
  4. no point, I have been a follower of HPC for some time and thought I would share. Maybe you're right. I know it's a gamble.
  5. I graduated in 2001 and moved from Cheshire to Essex and then to Kent for work. I decided to rent because I thought the housing market was over-heating and I appreciated the flexibly of renting. Being able to relocate quickly was a key factor in getting my first job. For eight years I shared a flat / house or rented a room. Although I had a few bad experiences with landlords the low cost of rent allowed me to save a substantial amount of money for a deposit. In 2009 I married, we moved in together and rented for a year. The rental property was quite expensive compared to my house share (
  6. What should I do with £1,000 savings I have with Santander? Over the past five years I have bought gold coins and invested in a couple of funds.
  7. I opened a student account with Barclays in 1998 and have been with them ever since. I currently have an additions plus account which, for a monthly fee, has benifits. When I opened the account, I remember being very impressed with Barclays. Everyone in the branch knew my name and if I had a problem the branch manager would either call me or meet with me. Wow! haven't times changed! I have a First Direct account for my mortgage - they are slightly better than Barclays. I also have a savings account with Santander who are dreadful. My wife has an account with national wide and they are e
  8. Labour blamed as home ownership falls to lowest level in nearly 20 years while rental sector booms Home ownership has plunged to its lowest level for nearly two decades, official figures revealed yesterday. The research highlights the nightmare of millions of Britons, particularly the young, who may never be able to afford to buy their own home. Just 67.9 per cent of English households own their home, the lowest percentage since 1991, according to the Government's English Housing Survey. Buyers are being crippled by the combination of soaring house prices, modest salaries and a mortgage dr
  9. .... a complete embarrassment to our country!
  10. gold will peak at $1400/oz and then crash massively.
  11. my Conservative council is superb.... .... if Carlsberg did councils
  12. this isn't a Tory Bill - the Bill is edited by the public. it just happens to be instigated by a Conservative MP.
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