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  1. No idea. But have you seen this: http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/men/pers...nkruptcies.html Huge rise in bankruptcies Ian Craig A BIG rise in bankruptcies and home repossessions has hit Greater Manchester - and brought demands for action from the government. County court mortgage repossessions are up 42 per cent from last year and bankruptcies up 66 per cent. One of the most staggering increases is in Manchester itself, where there are 164 per cent more bankruptcies. North west Euro MP Chris Davies fears this could signal recession and is calling on Chancellor Gordon Brown to take urg
  2. Because I'm a FTB. Why do you think?
  3. Got to be the most depressing website ever invented.
  4. I should mention that I'm referring to houses in S Manchester suburbs, not town centre new build flats etc.
  5. As a FTB I see exactly this is Manchester. There are some over priced properties that are not selling, but any half decent property that comes onto the market is getting snapped up straight away. I fear it is a supply problem, and the lack of good houses available could potentially keep house prices at this ridiculous level for the forseeable future.
  6. House prices between north and south at their closest for quite a while (don't know exact figures), but wages still far apart. A crash is more likely in the north me thinks.....
  7. Didsbury or Chorlton are probably the 'trendiest' areas. Didsbury has a nice village feel, although has been taken over a bit by chain pubs and bars as the professionals with all their money have moved in. West Didsbury is a bit more green and independent. Chorlton is a funny old place, a mix of normal working class, total nutters, hippies and wealthy/trendy/pretentious types. Personally I prefer Chorlton, but best bet is have a look round. Also you could consider: Withington - almost student land, a few nutters reside there Fallowfield - definately student land, Rusholme - cheaper and has
  8. Totally agreed. I think he insulted one of the moderators (oldie?) once too many. Censorship will not help a HPC!
  9. I am based in Chorlton at the moment, but having been looking mostly in Didsbury/Chorlton/Withington/Whalley Range/Hulme/Stretford etc etc etc. It's hard to actually work out what is going on, some properties are selling,some aren't. We were going to put an offer on one reasonable ex council in Withington but a BTL came along and bought it for cash. So, we're holding on for a while, and may rent a bigger place, but if something comes along that we can afford (we are not planning on over stretching ourselves) then we're going for it!
  10. No, but he did buy a 2 bed flat last summer.
  11. I didn't like what he/she said, but at least he/she kept the Manchester/NW threads going. I'm a FTB looking in S Manchester, I have held off for this year waiting for prices to drop, but they haven't been. I am running out of patience though as I have just started a family and am in a 1 bed flat. I have quite a bit of savings, ~40k, but am still disappointed even with these savings of what I can afford (I have set myself a ceiling of 150k). So, predictions for Manchester in the coming months/years??!
  12. If there's a big housing crash there is likely to be a big economic crash at the same time so there will be lots of job insecurity and high interest rates. There won't be a dream time (again) of high wages, job security, low interest rates and low house prices. Buy while you can - it's the best pension you will ever have. You've got loads of cash stashed away - the best investment you can make is in property ya dope.
  13. I could buy, but only ex councils or 'not so nice' areas. I may have to buy one of these eventually anyway, as I have just started a family and need to get out of our 1 bed flat. We have quite a large sum for a deposit (40k), but it just pees me off that only a few years ago I could have got myself a really nice house, but now I'm left with the dregs. (What a snob, I know!). How the hell FTB's with no savings and on a modest wage are supposed to manage I don't know. Huge debt I guess.
  14. This one on market, then sold http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-941...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy a few weeks later... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-975...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy
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