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  1. "There ain't no right way to do a wrong thing" From Blanchard & Peale's book "The power of ethical management" about 20 years ago The problem is that we have a government and business led by people who don't understand right from wrong, only what is expedient
  2. I'm not at all convinced that the gummint wants the sheeple to own their own homes. After all , it was Maggie's lot who reasoned that if they got all the council house tenants to buy their homes on the cheap it would turn them into conservatives. Deep in their hearts this lot are idealogically opposed to anything Thatcher did. (even having the name will get you sacked at Albeeb). Owning your own house is conservative. Living in a council house is labour. They want your house! We now have almost half the country either working for the government or dependent on the government for handouts. They reason (and are staking their future on it) that these people will not bite the hand that feeds them come the next election. They may have fuelled the housing bubble by allowing reckless lending etc, but now they see an opportunity to enslave even more of the population by nationalising the housing stock and turning us into landless peasantry. The crash ain't over. It's not even begun. The gummint will work this to their advantage. After all if Smith, Balls, Cooper, mandelson etc can steal our cash by fiddling their expenses, why not steal our houses too?
  3. Kettering has over 40 empty units, a run down M&S that's due for closure and the most expensive parking for miles. Attractive shopping eh? So why is Kettering council planning to do this? http://www.northantset.co.uk/kettering/Cou...-for.4909691.jp " A 6M bid to bring a department store to Kettering will partially be paid for by a council tax rise of nearly five per cent over the next three years. Kettering Council wants to spend £5.8m buying the Wadcroft car park site, earmarked for the department store, in a hope it will encourage other big high street names to come to the town. The project will be partly funded by a proposed 4.75 per cent increase in council tax each year until 2012 – around a £40 increase per year for the average household." Deluded or what? The future is online and out of town
  4. " Britain's recovery from recession can be helped by a doubling in exports to China over two years" The only thing we're exporting to the Chinese is our rubbish. Maybe Gordo's persuaded them to take some of our paper and plastic that's sitting in warehouses around the country?
  5. Just launched today http://www.kettering.gov.uk/site/scripts/n....php?newsID=252 "A new accreditation scheme which aims to raise the standard of privately-rented homes and reward good landlords in the East Midlands has been launched in partnership with Kettering Borough Council. Accreditation is awarded to private sector landlords committed to improving the quality of property management and standards. The award enhances the reputation of members, allowing tenants to recognise and choose good landlords. The East Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme is offering a free 3 year membership if you apply by April 2009. Further details of the EMLAS scheme and information on how to join can be found on the website www.emlas.org.uk or by telephoning 01332 256475" And they're recruiting staff to run it. I applied. If you can't beat them from without, beat them from within
  6. Well put. In olden days debtors were put into prison until their debts were paid. Or if you couldn't pay your way there was the workhouse. We've allowed the asset strippers to loot the country. We have no manufacturing base. How are we going to work our way out of debt? What can we manufacture that others might want to buy? Failing that, what's left to sell? Nothing. I fear the bailiffs knocking on the door of the UK and demanding payment. We're in deep sh*t It's the workhouse or debtor's prison
  7. There's an old saying- "Never judge a man until you've walked a thousand miles in his shoes" There's a world of difference between reading about a recession in a classroom and actually living through it. Us old uns have lived through a few of these. This one IS different. The casualties in the previous recessions were manufacturing, shipbuilding, dockers, miners, etc. We don't make anything now. The docks are gone, the mines too. To paraphrase- "There are no alternative jobs" All you youngsters who think they know it all because they have a dinky little NVQ in meeja studies will need to get real. There are jobs. Someone has to cut the cabbages in the fields 'cos the Poles have all gone home. If you get through this unscathed you will have earned the right to pontificate.
  8. There is massive overcapacity globally in the car industry. Something has to give. Where will the axe fall? The US? Chrysler? Spain? Seat? The UK? Who will be first to bail out? Which economy is "best placed to weather the current economic difficulty blah blah started in America blah blah. Expect an announcement soon Our Euro bosses will demand the UK shuts down its car manufacturing in order to safeguard the rest of Europe? To General Melchett- also Robert A Heinlein "The door into summer" pub 1957, envisages the US government buying new cars from the manufacturers then keeping them 2 years and cutting them up to go back to the manufacturers as scrap in order to keep industry moving
  9. The Daily Mash had her sorted out a couple of days ago http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebri...y-200901131507/ "EMMA THOMPSON TO DECIDE WHERE YOU GO ON HOLIDAY OSCAR winner Emma Thompson is to chair a new committee which will decide where you spend your summer holidays. Thompson is the strongest swimmer to win an Oscar since Burt Lancaster in 1960The Thompson committee will publish a list of approved holiday destinations in January each year along with a recommended mode of low carbon transport. Thompson, who swims to all of her filming locations around the world, said: "I had the idea while I was swimming the Atlantic en route to the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills. "I phoned Stephen Fry for advice but he said he couldn't talk because he was in New Zealand making a documentary about parrots. I said 'I hope you swam there' and he assured me that he had." She added: "Unless you're a very good swimmer, like me, I'm afraid your choices will be rather limited. "For 2009 we're looking at Widnes, Harrogate and Dundee. We've also got two weeks on a park bench in Port Talbot, working your way through a meat paste sandwich while it absolutely pisses down. "France is really only available to strong swimmers, and if you are planning to travel on to the Dordogne you will have to allow for an extra eight weeks walking time. "Or you could just stay at home and watch me and Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction which we filmed in the magnificent city of Chicago. That was a lovely swim."
  10. Tut tut everyone. Our glorious leader reads all these comments personally and even now is making plans to withdraw his brave and heroic troops from Basra Airport and deploy them on every street corner in the UK. ******* Old Holborn suggests applying for a shotgun licence before they're banned- in the public's interest dontcha know.
  11. Tiny volumes plus low priced reepo sales will affect the stats. Once they start to slide there's no stopping them. Last month in Nortampton an auction failed to attract any serious bidders. This in turn drives buyer's expectations down. They see the stats and expect to pay bottom price. One of our clients has renegotiated a purchase from the orig 300k down to 245k. Village location, very nice property. Another got a 120k terrace for 100k. It's a buyer's market and they want a bargain. The stats can only be massaged for so long.
  12. http://blogs.thisismoney.co.uk/this_is_mon...nt-say-ive.html The text- can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of estate agents. There’s something deeply unpleasant about being told by a spiky-haired git called Osborne that a pokey bedsit in Dalston is actually a spacious one-bedroom flat in Islington. But now, after a recent run in with Foxtons, my thoughts turn to violence whenever I seem them swarming around in their company-branded Minis. A couple of months back I moved out of a flat I shared with two of my friends. We handed in our notice to Foxtons and promptly received a letter demanding we cough up £140 to pay for them to check the inventory. The letter - quoting clause 14 point somethingorother in the tenancy agreement - said we should transfer the money without delay. Trouble was - the clause didn’t exist. In fact, it very clearly stated that the landlord should pay for checking the inventory. Armed with this irrefutable evidence I phoned Foxtons. Rather than apologising they kindly agreed to ‘waive’ the fee that they had no right to charge in the first place. One wonders how many Minis are paid for by tenants who don’t bother to check the small print. And on a more serious point, why aren’t these people regulated? They earn bucket loads of commission to sell you a house – the biggest financial investment most people will ever make. It seems this wretched credit crunch is at least proving a chastening experience for estate agents, with some poor souls even waiving their commission. As they say, every cloud…..
  13. Don't forget the umpteen thousand new homes planned for Corby/Kettering/Wellingborough, as passed by fat pig two jags. Opposed by almost everyone except the landowners and BeeBee Developments. Who's gonna live in them? And who's going to afford them? It's a plot to empty Hull and dump the population on Northamptonshire
  14. An aquaintance of mine is busy buying a house because he's scared the banks'll go bust and he'll lose it all. He's a cash buyer and spent all day yesterday moving his money around, chopping it into 50k lumps. Who's right? Sit on the money and hope the banks don't go bust? Buy property now, pay cash and have the security of bricks and mortar? Nice problem to have if you've got the funds. I haven't
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