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  1. What are the losses? To me it's all gains. No savings being erroded, just debts losing their value while my salary increases (and that of my wife's)!. All good here! I might buy another new car. Shame about the Petrol prices though, that does hurt but maybe we'll invade Iran soon.
  2. Well I'll be upgrading my gaming PC (laptop) this year.
  3. Eventually, IR will rise of course (They can hardly go lower). But seeing as you have not actually named that month when the baserate will be at 2% or higher to make my SVR match my just-finished fixed rate, I'll take your 'opinion' with the level of attention it deserves.You don't even know which month they'll be at 1%. If fact, you don't know when they'll increase at all do you! Keep rolling your eyes though, it suits you.
  4. The trouble is, the more people do it (i.e switch to SVR) the more difficult it is for the government to increase the rate. No-one wants to be the government that doubles the IR to 1%, impoverishing* millions of homeowners, and bankrupting thousands of households indebted up to their eyeballs no matter how foolish sensible people think they are.Can you imagine the headlines? There are enough people already on SVR + IR only mortgages (anecdotally speaking). Would you really want to be 'those guys in The x Party'' that pushed all those voters out of a home, or into poverty*. Just like those profiting from using their sold house's cash to get interest to cover the rent while the market crashes, you might as well take advantage of all that free money they're lending you while inflation soars! *can't go on holiday this year, buy a 3D TV, and have to give up Latte's & pony riding for mummy and her precious!
  5. I think there will be little change because there is so few houses being bought and sold anyway.
  6. And that's why, when my fixed rate ended this month, I went to SVR (which is currently 2.5% or +2% base)
  7. So 6 million smart people from where I'm standing. Government has a great safety net if you come unstuck and need benefits. Banks interest rate is basically non-existent. Inflation rate is so high it's not worth keeping cash-money for any period of time.
  8. Sounds like they're claiming sales churn is down only because approvals are tight. It's not, its because houses are so expensive no-one can afford them. They're also trying to get people to rush and get a mortgage by claiming it's going to be made harder int eh coming months. Well that's how I read it.
  9. Out of morbid curiosity, I had a look at my area for similar houses to mine on Zoopla. I can't believe that from their peak value, prices have fallen a mere 4%-ish. From the time I bought the house 13 years ago, it has tripled in price. Something's very very screwed up.
  10. Just picking up on this idea that the principal will be worthless and easy to pay off, but the interest is the thing that kills you, don't most people have either a fixed rate, or an index linked rate?It'll have to be the government ramping up their interest that stop people paying off their homes too soon.
  11. I'll be talking to some of my elderly neighbors over Christmas who I *know* will not have used their Sky Player Code and have a full Sky Package about renting the code off them to put on my xbox.
  12. TBH, it's really there for the kids and a good education platform.(Don't worry, it's not just the TV! They have a storio, ipad, HP touchpad, and about 30m of books thanks to the wife being a teacher. They get independent and parent-led education too).
  13. I pay £60 pm (£720 pa) to Virgin for TiVO with basic TV package, phone with all my calls (even a couple of hundred hours of nation rate), and 20MB internet (goes to 40MB in the new year). That included £6 of calls to mobiles. No sports, and 'only' about 60 channels. The TiVO is handy to record something I might find more interesting on the TV than I would through all my various other ways of acquiring entertainment. My TV is limited to ceebeebies for the kids, Eastenders for the wife, and HIGNFY for me. That's about all we regularly watch.
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