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  1. This market doesn't know its ass from its elbow right now and neither do the participants involved with it. Shame we have such a ridiculous IR policy and a country full of housing shills, as without them prices would be heading towards some form of sanity and everyone would know exactly where they were heading, instead of believing in fairy tales about housing costs rising while the economy and growth are going through the floor. Still not to worry, a problem avoided today can be better enjoyed tomorrow when it's twice the size.
  2. We've come full circle If only the majority would begin to realise what the real problem is with this country, greed and housing costs, one driving the other
  3. I blame greedy fookers of all nationalities myself, elites, plebs, it matters not, most have sat around the devil's table thinking they could get something for nothing on the back of never ending asset price appreciation.
  4. Different rules apply to different sets of looters. The rioting looters are obviously complete scum who must be punished to the full extent of the made-up law via Cameron's newly constructed Kangaroo Courts, filthy Banskers on the other hand do their stealing wearing nice shiny suits via computer without the torching of any buildings so that is perfectly OK. Personally I've more respect for the former as their actions are less cowedly
  5. The official numbers are one thing but the reality on the street is quite another. Joe Sixpack is starting to join the dots now and the resulting picture isn't pretty...
  6. And she never will pay if her job goes pear shaped as I'd bet good money she has zero in reserves. Credit Cards and Credit Agreements needs to be abolished, people would be much better off saving up for stuff and would also appreciate it much more when they finally go and buy it. Still scratch that, debt is wealth, jokers like the one above have sadly outsmarted us prudent fools in this world of spend today and worry tomorrow.
  7. Nicely summed up, shame we don't see blokes like this on our own news channels... Across the Atlantic, the global financial troubles have reached the UK, as it becomes the latest nation to feel the pinch. Rating’s giant Moody’s has downgraded 12 of Britain’s financial firms and banks, including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB. That comes after the Bank of England chief said the country’s economy is at its lowest point since the 1930s if not ever. RT gets more on this from British Euro MP, Godfrey Bloom.
  8. Are the Sheeple queuing up yet to get their money out or are they waiting around until there is no money left in the entire system? No real money that is, they'll be plenty of Muggle Money with Mervs face of it though Nevermind 'hang the DJ' it should be 'hang the Banksters.'
  9. I've just placed an order at Wickes for 5,000 wheelbarrows
  10. It is, a joke on the taxpayer, say hello to another pay cut by stealth...
  11. Christmas isn't far off, the bonus pot needs to be fattened up so the Banksters can have a jolly good knees up at the taxpayers expense. Anyone who believes this money will make its way down to Joe Sixpack needs to stop hogging the crack pipe With inflation the way it is any more QE and they really do risk blowing the lid off this thing, especially when there is no actual need for more QE, could be different if Greece had just thrown the towel in but they haven't, at least not yet.
  12. I am not a dealer, the price should not matter to a dealer as they should be making money from the spread not the constant increase in price, any dealer doing the latter will be out of business at the end of the bull run and most likely during any sustained price stagnation/decline. Businesses cost money to run, suspending turnover in the hopes of better prices in the future because of unhedged TGTBT deals is no way to run a sustainable business, see Crown Currency Exchange. HGM have recently shuffled their spread, now back to 0% for buy and 3% for sell, this would indicate they are trying to get more stock in. This doesn't however clear up the debate about hedging. Lets hope they, and other dealers, are not currently cannibalising stock to cover business running costs as they have foolishly chosen to forget about hedging and jump on the Gold only ever goes up bandwagon. Gold miners have stopped hedging, again on the belief prices will be higher by the time the commodity hits the market.
  13. Not many people see cash as an investment, viewed more as a store of wealth, which in a sane world it would be. Sadly we are all investors now and the seas we swim are infested with sharks (Banksters). Nothing is safe, not even Gold, that could be driven to $500 tomorrow with enough naked shorts taken out on it. Best one can do is diversify and try buy into some good value, say the FTSE100 goes to 3500 in a couple of weeks, it may go lower buy from a value point of view it's not bad at all. Some currencies have shifted back into better value, although I wouldn't describe them as good, CAD and AUD for example are quite a bit off their highs against USD. Some advise for anyone investing in different currencies, Oanda (Forex) are now in the UK, their spread is extremely tight, not like the robbery of HSBC and the like, plus I believe they are now covered under the FSCS. Sub accounts can be opened in all kinds of currencies allowing one to split their Sterling up into different currencies of their choice. It's easy peasy shuffling money from one sub account to another with Oanda, just don't be tempted to trade as 99% of people who try forex trading blow their entire account.
  14. Some bleak comments from Karl Denninger:- Welcome To Credit Collapse 2011 Seems to be indicating it's 2009 again but way way worse this time around.
  15. Hope people have stocked up on spare shirts
  16. Who doesn't want to do tube driving exactly? For £50k? I don't resent anyone emptying bins or driving trains. It was shown on here that 500 people are applying for every bin man job there is so why the ****** are we paying £30-35k for each one for them? There is no price discovery left anymore in this country that why it's FUBAR, that's why we have houses no ******er can afford.
  17. There is nothing forcing people to live in London and I for one cannot understand why anyone would want to live there as it's a shithole. London is probably fine if you are a millionaire but for the average Joe the reality of life there is somewhat different, even commuting in offers little advantage. £50k is still a huge wedge of money however you slice it, the fact it buys ****** all in London should drive people away so we can have some real price discovery in the market, both in wage terms and living costs, but it doesn't, maybe because £50k isn't actually worthless, maybe because people are prepared to compromise to live in the capital, or maybe because people are idiots, who knows. Paying people more to keep asset prices propped up isn't the answer as it just makes the problem worse as all we are doing is devaluing the money supply to prolong the Ponzi scheme. Besides, if £50k is good for the button pushing tube driver then it is also good for the McDonald's worker too, all hail £50k NMW for London, wonder what house prices will do in this case?
  18. Cannot argue with that TBH but buying in and taking a 50% haircut leaving yourself screwed and reliant on 10 years of rises to break even isn't exactly a sound move IMO. It doesn't cost a lot to sit on the sidelines but jumping in and calling it wrong can be very costly indeed. I'm in the inflation camp myself but for that to work with housing wages are going to have to rise significantly, over and above any house price rises as housing in the UK is already 40% over valued. Lots of reasons to stay away but only one to jump in - general inflation along with massive wage inflation, we are not seeing the second one yet, at least not in the private sector.
  19. £50k is not a reasonably salary to do a reasonable job, neither is £35k for for throwing a black sack into the back of a truck. People out there invest 5 extra years in education (and now a lot of money) to educate themselves in a career that actually contributes to society and still do not earn this sort of money. £50k is a huge wad of money to earn each year, especially for a role that is basically a service sector job equivalent to flipping a burger.
  20. Some sap will no doubt show up, this is England, we've a country full of saps...
  21. I'm sure there are some Eastern Europeans out there itching to do these types of jobs for half the money... People who work in McDonolds in London won't be seeing £50k a year so why should train drivers who simply push buttons all day long?
  22. I trust David Cameron about the same as I trust an Estate Agent and a Job Recruiter. The guy is a fooking loser...
  23. Sad thing is the nutters are still out there buying believing prices only ever go up, despite the fact that prices are falling and the global economy is wobbling along a cliff edge. Heard back from a friend recently who has now bit the bullet on a new built flat, egged on by Mom & Pop, 20% deposit handed over by the Govt. via another crackpot FTB scheme (basically an interest free load for five years). This place will most likely become her tomb, especially if she ends up with some riff-raff in the adjoining flats courtesy of the social housing programme for new builds. She believed she was missing the boat and her parents were chanting the age old codswallop of "you cannot go wrong with bricks and mortar." All aboard HMS Negative Equity...
  24. Not to belittle these tube drivers here but do they actually do much other than go on a green light and stop on a red light? Fifty sodding grand for driving a train
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