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  1. +1 Cameron offers some good lip service but when it comes down to actually sorting this country out he's quite obviously out of his depth. Although I hate to say it, financially speaking I very much doubt we'd be in any worse shape if Brown was still at the helm. The market perception of Cameron maybe better but that's about it really, we're still firmly on course for the iceberg, which gives Cameron some more time to play with his deckchairs.
  2. This financial crisis will never be over until they stop repeating the mistakes that caused it in the first place. I think it is high time the UK had a credit downgrade or two to wake Cameron and his Muppet Government up.
  3. Fingers crossed If only we could say the same about house prices targeting an average of £130k on breach of £160k
  4. The UK's been supping in the "last chance saloon" for years and we'll continue to sup there for many years to come. We have a magical printing press remember, money for all, wealth for none...
  5. I think this should be a real concern to all of us, indirect theft is bad enough but this was direct theft from brokerage accounts. If someone like Gerald Celente is being caught out, someone who knows what he is doing, believes the end isn't far off and is protecting himself appropriately, then just how safe is Joe Sixpack with his money sitting in a bank account? Brokerage accounts today, bank accounts tomorrow? Who knows where this is going to end, the system is coming apart, the politicians are bought and paid for and Banksters can get away with whatever they want.
  6. Telegraph So basically the Government are going to back created out of thin air mortgage loans with created out of thin air BoE printed money. Fan-fooking-tastic. Looks like we'll all be buying a house one way or another, be it ours or someone else's. No wonder RB gave in to it... Where do I go for my refund? This deal is shit.
  7. FAIL If the government was a PC it would already have the blue screen of death displayed...
  8. Is this before or after the river? After I'm guessing after Trouble is they have no doubt changed the rules of the game (ponzi) such that it never ends, the pot (debt) just keeps getting bigger and all the other players (taxpayers) are forced to go along, putting up their children's future as collateral to match the governments constant raises (funded via printed money). The whole stinking lot is beyond madness now.
  9. Never bought from a dealer so I've had to 'learn the ropes' myself and gain the knowledge and experience to be able to authenticate on the spot. I'm looking to buy from HGM pretty soon - been accumulating too much numbered paper recently that I'd rather not be holding when the inevitable Bank Holiday arrives. I have an Australian Nugget that rings along with another 24kt coin that also rings. The Maple is like lead though, it makes no sound at all. I assume the Maple's diameter:thickness ratio is simply too low to get much sound out of it. I prefer coins with a Springbok on them TBH
  10. Just curious but how do you know this? I must admit acid is the one thing I've never bothered with. If it weighs right, measures right and rings like my others then I'm happy enough. Anything that looks slightly iffy is examined more closely with a Jewellers Loupe. Worst comes to the worst I cut the sucker in half Agree with the importance of the ring test, trouble is different coins ring differently. An American Eagle sounds very different to a Krugerrand and a Maple doesn't ring at all. Without knowledge of how a coin should sound the ring test is less effective.
  11. Sadly I fear the UK will never run out of Muppets believing you cannot go wrong with bricks and mortar
  12. Don't worry, everything is perfectly under control... Image courtesy of The Many Cum Faces Of George Osborne It's amazing what Google finds when you type in George Osborne Pictures
  13. If they print two months on the trot they deserve all they get, trouble is it's not these clowns suffering, it's the general population. The only thing that is going to stop them is a full blown currency crisis but I wouldn't like to hazard a guess as to just how low the BoE would be happy to let Sterling go. Parity with the Euro didn't seem to bother them, maybe parity with the Dollar is the new target, which Dollar though, the Zimbabwe one? It's a real sickener, when I compare how much work and effort I put into earning my wages and saving a few quid against the money creation I wonder why the hell I bother, especially since the dilution of money is causing the buying power of my earnings is going through the floor. I wonder at what point myself and others will simple say ****** it and just not bother working anymore, maybe when a career pays effectively the same as someone waiting tables in Australia, who knows, but I'm increasing getting sick to my back teeth of this game.
  14. Sad but true. Not hard to see why TPTB are trying to keep it all together with endless bailouts and printed money, the alternative is looking like complete social breakdown.
  15. A population without critical thinking skills believe whatever the government and MSM tells them. The bigger the porky pie the more it is believed, recent examples being DSK and Bin Laden from the US and these Savage Cuts from the UK. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” -- Joseph Goebbels
  16. The UK housing market baffles the hell out of me. Other countries around the world in similar states to our own have seen proper corrections, but here in old Blighty we are well in bubble territory and FTB's are still desperate to buy. I was recently speaking to a FTB who has taken the plunge courtesy of some crooked subsidised deposit scheme. When I mentioned that the only reason I'd consider buying right now would be to hedge against inflation I got a blank stare. I also got the same blank stare when I suggested that buying now maybe risky given the base rate has never been this low in the entire 300 year history of the BoE. There are lots of things to consider when buying a house in normal market conditions but given the clusterfook that is the global financial system much more needs to be considered right now. Still none of that matters, the people already on the ladder say you cannot go wrong with bricks and mortar so why consider anything, just saddle up with a massive pile of debt, afterall, debt is wealth
  17. The problem is more to do with price than availability, although young people with a family may desire the badly utilised house of an older person they simply cannot afford it. Years and years of rampant hpi have priced almost everybody below 40 out of anything other than a shoebox. Welcome to serfdom...
  18. You fool, that stuff is tanking, you need to diversify into this:-
  19. Not while ever the nanny state keeps handing them money to sit around watching Jeremy Kyle all day long.
  20. Probably already pencilled in, who the hell knows where the limits are with these nutters.
  21. It's not pretty, whichever way you slice it we are all getting poorer...
  22. I caught a brief glimpse of Cameron on the news yesterday talking about bringing down energy prices for people, meanwhile his chums over at the BoE keep printing up money driving the cost of everything up. Odd how pre-election he made the link between printing money and inflation and claimed it was bad, but now... Another tosser in suit, I've seen more credible estate agents than shaky Dave.
  23. They changed the title of that, it was low even for them. Pretty obvious what is being engineered with this level of inflation, and we've get the joy of the extra £75bn the idiots have just printed up waiting to filter through too. All the savers should march down to the bank and empty their accounts, lets see how well the system functions then.
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