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  1. These indexes have a feel of picking pennies up in front of a steamroller about them. Shame really as this is the one area I'd really like to see the buyer power of my money increase in.
  2. Welcome back into hell Great Britain, we missed you... Can we now finally start to see a proper hpc?
  3. Are the Banksters trying to light a fire under Bernanke? The FOMC Statement is on Wednesday so I'm wondering if they are trying to ease him into the money helicopter again by tanking the markets. Either that or we are now past the point of no return and the whole fetid lot is coming down - it's going to happen at some point. Nothing has been fixed since the crisis started, infact the situation is much much worse thanks the the debt expansion. The only question left to ask is does it end with an inflationary depression or a deflationary one? Doesn't really matter, as the end result will be the same, we'll either be rolling in worthless money and have no money at all, net result, we're fooked. Keep stacking... Baked beans...
  4. It strikes me we are living in a fools paradise right now. Roads are busy, people are out shopping, no shortage of idiots prepared to pay £4 for a cup of coffee, etc, etc. Asking prices are a reflection of sentiment and despite the fundamentals being lousy people believe the financial crisis is now over and they can carry on where they left off extorting money out of people for the sale of rabbit hutches. We seem to be having a Wile E. Coyote moment that's lasted for 4 years now...
  5. That's the problem with all these props, they end with yet more miss allocation of wealth. In this case the fools being egged on into the housing market on the belief they are actually saving something only to end up losing the saving and much more. Of course on the other side of the trade are the sellers who have lined their pockets with an even bigger wad, on top of the rest of the unearned riches their shacks have returned. The tragedy here is it's mainly the younger folk who are getting sucked into this scam...
  6. I love this sort of stuff, it highlights the fragility of the wealth container itself, in this case Gold. Paper bugs have the same issue, Central Banks keep diluting the contents of their container, i.e. fiat money. Basically if it isn't nailed down the fookers will try steal it... Tungsten weights 99.8340% less than Gold for the same area, so to replace 30-40% of a 1Kg bar with Tungsten would mean the total bar weight would differ by 0.6638 - 0.8298g. The reports state 2g of difference, which would indicate the forgers are out by more than 50%. Most probably air or impurities in the Tungsten. The 400oz fake Fort Knox bars are 12.44x larger than these 1Kg bars so with the same stuffing, say 40%, the weight difference would be 24.88g, although I'd suspect these are made better so the difference could be down somewhere close to 10.32g. That said I'd expect the fake 400oz bars to be at least 90% Tungsten meaning the difference will be much more noticeable. At the end of the day you cannot cheat physics. Only way to cheat Gold weight & size is with a Tungsten & Platinum mix (99.8509% Tungsten, 0.1491% Platinum) wrapped in thick Gold, but that won't cheat an ultrasound. Calculations based on the data from Wiki.
  7. I've more anger towards Central Bankers like this pillock than I have towards Investment Bankers. No point giving gambling addicts an unlimited tab and then moaning about them losing it all on the Blackjack table.
  8. Says it all really, he quite clearly doesn't understand the fundamentals or is completely corrupt and simply doesn't care... The best way to achieve affordable housing isn't one where the sugar daddy of last resort showers money on the people so they can go bid up the cost of a new built slave box.
  9. That's what is worrying me right now. The last £75bn injection was only a few months ago and now we need another £50bn? Savings and wealth aside, our wages are going through the floor in real terms with all this printing...
  10. We seem to be playing a very good game of bluff right now, probably getting away with it due to 'the markets' being distracted by the European financial farce. The sooner the spotlight appears over the UK the better IMO. We've a housing market that is still way out of control, a Central Bank who believes the solutions to all woes is the printing press, a Govt. who cannot stop spending us into poverty and a jumped up little ***** for a leader who lords it over others countries that we are actually in worse shape than. The technical requirements for being in or out of recession make me laugh, they are about as indicative as the FTSE100 ticker Sky News insist on having beneath their logo to somehow show the health of the economy.
  11. Creepy, the guy is quite obviously damaged goods. Some of these creeps seem to think that because you live under 'their' roof and pay them rent they have some kind of magical power over you. There isn't a lot you can do with regards to the next tenant(s). Unfortunately this will go on and on until someone gets seriously hurt by the freak, then the Police in their infinite wisdom will finally step in (after it's all too late).
  12. Good, it's about time the supply of mugs dried up...
  13. Looks like the sort of place someone suffering from severe depression would go to die in... No different from the other 75% of UK housing stock
  14. Most probably. They've been pretending we have a real economy for years while simultaneously destroying real industry that is the basis of such a thing. I guess the logical next step is to provide fake GDP numbers to go alongside the fake economy.
  15. Fixed GDP targeting, basically printing money to create the GDP you desire. The sooner the whole lot comes crashing down and we start over the better, what we have at the minute is a complete farce.
  16. I can remember when I bought my first few oz and was down by about the same amount, it's not pleasant and you start doubting why the hell you got involved. I'm now in a similar position by about the same amount on the last load I bought. Wish I'd waited and bought at £100 less, maybe next week that will be £200 less. Do I regret adding to the stack? No. Do I regret adding to the stack at £100 more than I needed to? Yes. Will I regret adding to the stack at £200 more if it happens. Yes, but I'll also be buying more as the price will be around £900 an oz. Most people hold Sterling and measure their wealth in Sterling believing their wealth hasn't moved up or down. If you hold some of your wealth in Gold and measure its worth in Sterling then you'll be all too aware that your wealth is fluctuating, both up and down. There are no guarantees with Gold just like there are no guarantees with Sterling. If you hold your wealth in Sterling but measure it's worth in US or Oz Dollars then you are down a massive amount. Some would argue this doesn't matter, I would say it does, as you may decide you want to emigrate tomorrow but find you cannot due to your reduced buying power. In a world of mad money printing the best any of us can do is try hang onto our buying power as best we can, how anyone does that is entirely up to them. Speculating in fiat of any colour is no different to speculating in Gold in my option, the only difference if where you put your faith. I suspect in 3 years time these posts will be looked back and laughed at as Gold with either be on the deck or off to the races. If it's the former then I hope our wages will have some real buying power again as I for one am sick and tired of earning a big pile of so called 'career' money than cannot seem to afford me anything over and above a crappy little house that I cannot swing a cat in. Totally agree, but people also need to realise that leaving money parked in Sterling can also result in a similar loss.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised to see it settle at the end of the year less or equal to the price of last year - $1405.50. They have 1.5 days left, lets see what extra damage they can do, although they are probably happy enough with the current result as they have dampened down the YOY increase quite nicely. Last thing TPTB want is the Sheeple working out that the fiat money system is fooked. Based on the 2011 highest PM fix of $1895 and the price at the end of last year we could have a had 35% increase, using the current spot price of £1528 we have only a 9% increase, much more palatable.
  18. Yes paper sellers. In a market where every 1oz pulled out of the ground is added 100 times over into the market they have plenty of power to take prices wherever they wish (paper prices). Some have been saying for a while that paper and physical prices will diverge, not quite sure how this will work with dealers as they should be hedging their physical stock in the paper market and making money on the spread only. If the correlation between paper and physical breaks then the holders of physical will be setting the price (inc. dealers) instead of the corrupt COMEX that if push comes to shove cannot deliver on their contacts. Updating point 2... 2. Paper and physical futures buyers leaving the market due to MF Global. One thing is for sure, some will need a set of these to buy this dip
  19. Price is collapsing, numerous things causing it from what I can see:- 1. Thin volume over holiday period. 2. Paper buyers leaving the market due to MF Global. 3. Euro sinking like a stone; Dollar positive, hence Gold negative. 4. Market full of sellers with very few buyers sending prices down, down, down. 5. Cartel have decided we are having lower prices. It could get silly so be prepared, look at oil a couple of years ago, topped around $150, then bottomed around $40 and is now around $100. Gold could do the exact same, whether we would be able to get our hands on any physical in the lower extremes is doubtful, but I am hopeful
  20. Man who believes printing money is the solution to all problems warns that printing money is both dangerous and addictive, however same man leaves door wide open for more printing in February. The fact this joker is vice-chairman of Europe's "early warning watchdog" says it all given his track record of not seeing the glaringly obvious in his own country. God help us...
  21. This zombie needs double tapped... Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it easy money that got us into this mess in the first place? Also what's all this 'loans' talk, a loan implies the money will be paid back at some point, give me a break
  22. I've never understood this sealed Gold thing, it's like having a fine looking woman and keeping her in a glass tube - pointless! I very much doubt you'll come across a snobby stacker who will turn down unsealed Gold, probably quite the opposite, if one is stacking then one isn't interested in storing bits of plastic, cardboard certificates, velvet pouches, etc, etc. The less material between a man and his precious the better As for assay cards, what do they really prove? It's a few pence of cardboard telling you that a few hundred / thousand quid of shiny shiny is real. What are you going to trust? The shiny shiny in your hand with your own instincts to authenticate it or a piece of paper telling you it's the real deal? Since we are buying Gold to get away from untrustworthy bits of paper then I think we have an answer
  23. Moaaaar, you want moaaaar? Unfortunately Merv and his cronies will no doubt deliver... Shame the inflationary effects of all this printed money take so long to filter through as it's preventing the average Joe from putting two and two together and arriving at seven
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