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  1. Yippee, higher price for all, inflation was going a good enough job thank you very much without the government stepping in with more nonsense.
  2. It's all got a little silly if you ask me, seems like yet more propaganda to try keep the people in constant fear.
  3. The problem seems to be that interest rates cannot be allowed to rise anywhere due to the level of debt being totally unserviceable at any rate other than almost zero. We truly are boxed in, the only real way out is to default and start over again.
  4. Given that everyone has seen just how badly the policy in Japan has worked out I find it a little sad that we are heading down the exact same rat hole. I suspect the next action will be more QE to patch up the banking system due to Europe coming apart.
  5. +1 Working harder isn't the problem, there's plenty of people working themselves into an early grave, equally there's plenty of people who constantly toss time off and do no real work at all. The problem seems to be efficiency, we simply have none in this country. For every one person who busts his hump there are ten or more people suckling on the result of that effort, leaving him seeing barely any result from his own hard work. What we need is a financial and monetary system that isn't based on rackets, scams and constant inflation to cover up the mistakes of the last generation. A System where genuine old fashioned hard work and saving can advance a person in life. What we have right now is the exact opposite. Incompetence and taking risks with other peoples money is rewarded.
  6. In comparison to Europe the US is looking golden right now, strengthening Dollar, lower oil prices leading to lower gas prices, unemployment number dropping (just forget about the record numbers leaving the workforce or signing on to disability), low inflation (hmm), DOW still over 13,000, plus no talk of more money printing either. It will be interesting to see if it can all hang together until after the election, I have my doubts but with Europe careening the US is looking like the best house in a bad neighbourhood. Not sure if this current JP Morgan thing is the start of some bigger skeletons coming out of the closet or not. Just remember, all news is now Gold negative...
  7. Some good points raised by Karl Denninger on the Faceslap/Suckbook IPO.
  8. Doesn't matter, we have the Joseph Goebbels propaganda principle in play right now... “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Inflation figures, unemployment numbers, take your pick, they are all complete rubbish.
  9. They are, trouble is the same ugly boxes around me have a 2 in front of those prices.
  10. There's certainly negative sentiment right now, desperately negative, the fact they wheeled out Bill Gates was the cherry on the cake for me Buffet and Munger's comments feel more like backlash to me, most probably caused by them bad mouthing Gold previously and someone, think it was Schiff, pointing out that Gold had pissed all over Berkshire Hathaway over the last decade.
  11. I don't like the way the young have been screwed over, it's the thing I hate the most about this whole financial mess we're in right now, especially since the young had no way of contributing to it in the first place. Still so long as the Boomers can go on 16 holidays a year, drive around in SUV's, maintain paper housing profits and lord it over every fooker then all is well in the UK...
  12. Yes along with GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, OIL, everything is collapsing against the rock solid US Dollar which is backed by $16tn of debt, a fascist government and a printing press. What a joke its all become... It's a shame the Euro is such a joke as I for one would like to see something challenge this Banana Republic in the US.
  13. Good chart and it illustrates what I've been seeing every day for at least two weeks now. The smack-downs have become a daily occurrence at both session opens. I'm sorry guys but we may have to throw in the towel on Gold, after listening to Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and now Billy Boy Gates how can one by bullish on precious metals anymore? Seriously, after landing the world with the [email protected] operating system man has ever laid eyes on Billy is now offering PM investment advise. God help us...
  14. The ever changing high street... Clinton Cards prepares for administration Cannot say I'll miss them as I've not used them (or Birthdays) for years. The same cards can be bought from the cheaper stores for 1/4 the price.
  15. Like the US, the UK is hiding behind the printing press, although I don't see the LTRO even being paid back either. Does Cameron have any other good jokes to share or just this one?
  16. Are you long USD, short Gold? If so you'll be smiling right now... $40 drop is a tasty profit, although we've seen $100 in a day a couple of times now and on less severe news too, in fact on no news if I remember correctly.
  17. Looks that way if we are to believe the sections; Smart Money, Institutional Investors, Public. The latter simply hasn't happened yet. We'll know in the fullness of time...
  18. I do indeed Sir I keep hearing a lot these days about having 'dry powder' ready, starting to understand why... £997 at the minute and doesn't look to have the legs to hold either. Still it's hardly surprising, everyone and their mother is out bad mouthing Gold. It's going to get real ugly... $1600 is going to be taken out soon too...
  19. It's starting to come apart. If Europe blows up the price could go anywhere (downwards), wouldn't be surprised to see it half in price one day, followed by it double the next as the entire spare stock is bought by the Chinese. Just wait until this currency crisis moves into the USD, the EURO is just the appetizer.
  20. I'm confused by this Ponzi Gold Bubble and have some questions... Can someone please explain what happened to the Media Attention, Enthusiasm, Greed, Delusion and New Paradigm phases? Did we short-circuit those and head straight into Capitulation or did we miss the Media Attention bit and only a handful of Gold Bugs take us through the other phases? Also, how come the heard never got sheared in this Ponzi Bubble? I thought the grand plan with these things always involves the media and so called experts herding the people into the bubble just before the @rse falls out, the smart money buys in early and sells to the average Joe who is always late to the party and desperate to buy into the dream after being egged on by the media and other participants.
  21. Lovely Jubbly... That number will be hard to ignore by the MSM, fingers crossed
  22. About the only thing we can be certain of right now is we (the average man on the street) are getting poorer. Unfortunately the money seems to be flowing in only one direction, upwards... Most on here would be happy enough seeking solace in falling house prices, at least we'd have one guaranteed winner, but in this country it's like watching paint dry. The people have been screwed and continue to be screwed and I don't see that changing any time soon either.
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