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  1. Pound up 2% in the past few days, couple more cuts priced in, think i made a good decision to buy a couple of months ago.
  2. I know someone who's just bought there! Trader at UBS whose bonus last year paid for a Z4 and the deposit on the flat
  3. When you are gone you will leave nothing, someone who has kids will leave their genes behind. Whether that's worth £100k is another question
  4. 'The effect of the change - based on revised data - is to add an extra £10bn to the chancellor's coffers. '
  5. The search was not for city jobs only and was searching for 'junior c++' roles. After 5 years £60k is the average in the city, £45k or so for a tech co.
  6. Of course someone on a below average salary will have problems but that's what council housing was meant for. However there are plenty of bog standard jobs which pay relatively well in London Tube driver - £34k Housing benefits administrator - £29,500 (seen in local paper) Bus driver £26,500
  7. Everyone I know who works in London who graduated with me (1999) is on £40k+ These are not purely banking jobs but software houses, telecoms and engineering firms A quick look at Jobserve throws up lots of jobs at £45k+ for 2-3 years experience http://www.jobserve.co.uk/searchresults.as...b16=16384&cid=0
  8. Update - the other 2 places my brother was interested in have both gone 'under offer' over the past week. Looks like places are moving fast
  9. What the figures show is that in all cities the Olympics bring higher prices than the rest of the country the Olympics are in.
  10. Agree with most of what you're saying but money being spent will be good for London as a whole.
  11. Getting the Olympics will surely lead to a lot more money being spent in London, this being inflationary whether for house prices or other services.
  12. Rates are only 2% in the EU and 1.5% in Sweden so there's plenty of scope to cut. Inflation hasn't exactly surged in those countries so why should it here?
  13. Just put £30 on a 0.25% cut.. thanks for the info
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