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  1. In my force only a select number of people had them on trial. They were ok when they worked as you could do checks and stuff on the street. It's hard enough to even find a pen nowadays though. We have a new briefing system which they have spent a fortune on and is absolute cack.
  2. Oasis were onto their 3rd album by 1997. I would have gone to Blairs party and got hammered as well.
  3. I've been tempted by this one. Not in the greatest area but the immediate estate is ok. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31332601.html? A decent sized house for the money, feel sorry for those down south.
  4. Yeh that 10.5 years is me and the missus saving £600 a month each, which is best case scenario.
  5. 10 and a half years at our current saving amount.
  6. In all seriousness, you should let the Police know so they can check he has a licence for it.
  7. Used one of these machines in Valencia. Spent 10 minutes trying to order some plain food on it so I wouldn't have to try and speak Spanish. Machine messed up at the end when it came to payment so ended up having to queue anyway. Just like the self serve in supermarkets, crap. "unexpected item in baggage area". Thief in the shop!
  8. The moneybox chap Paul Lewis on BBC this morning said you can cash it in after 1 year once they have paid out, which doesn't seem bad if true.
  9. No more than 15 minutes. Anymore and I would hate it. Especially after a night shift it's a struggle driving home. I know some colleagues who drive for over a hour after a night shift, I just couldn't do it. All that wasted time must really add up over the year.
  10. They get paid a decent wage for doing not a lot. They are pointless and if any cuts need to be made, they should be the first to go. They are good for standing on scenes for hours at least I suppose. Obviously they cannot arrest, do not know the law, cant take statements and can only give out minor fixed penalty notices. Some forces give them more power which is a bit scary.
  11. Civilians are facing the axe too. A lot of them have had to reapply for their jobs and moral is very low. No bars any more either.
  12. I wish we still had canteens! In fact I wish I had time to eat at all on duty. Having a break is a luxury on response. Our force is losing 500 through natural wastage (forcing out those who have done their 30 years) and non recruitment.
  13. Didn't realise houses were so expensive on Walsall Road. Although some are a decent size I suppose.
  14. Anyone watch this? Seen it a couple of times now, basically a family go to Australia or New Zealand for a week with a view to a permanent move. Whilst there, and after they have looked at possible house purchases and schools etc, they get an estate agent to value their home in the UK whilst they watch on the tv down under. Its classic to watch when they realise their dream is over when their UK property is 'undervalued'. Estate agent just valued a couples home at 325k. The husband in the couple stated "Im not giving it away, no way am I accepting that, I want at least 650K because thats how much its worth". The wife agreed and subsequently said "Well I dont care what people think its worth, its what its worth to me that counts". Not if you want to sell and move abroad you stupid woman. This bubble has warped people's minds.
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