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  1. Hi Surrey Girl. The map is pretty much spot on. Coming from the direction of Ash, just after you take the sharp left hand bend, the property is on the right just before the scrapyard.
  2. Yes, you could hop over your back fence.
  3. My link On a main road. A caravan park on one side. A car scrap yard on the other. The second bedroom is downstairs and 6'5" wide. £495,000. Lunacy.
  4. stanstad? London International? In Ontario?
  5. Well the visit was today and we came away with a positive outlook on the next few years. The wife has accepted that, whilst never saying never, the dream house remains just that, so we concentrate on getting rid of the outstanding mortgage asap. To be fair to Nationwide their advisor never spoke about moving up the ladder and when we did the maths, so my wife could just "have an idea" she assumed worst case (most expensive) on all the variables. The monthly figure was eye watering and totally unaffordable. So the plan is, without going into figures, to overpay from next month. When the endowment pays a chunk off next year (we picked worst estimate- 5% ) we up the overpayments. If the plan works, we're mortgage free in March 2018, maybe a few months sooner. The plan is now on a spreadsheet, printed on the inside of the kitchen cupboard door, where we will see it every day and remember what we're trying to achieve. Fingers crossed. Thanks for all the replies above, really appreciated. Good luck everyone.
  6. I've never done well with property purposes. Made some rash decisions, (buying a 1 bed flat because "if you don't do it now you never will" in 1988 kicked it all of. We lost £20k on that) and family circumstances got in the way of others. However finding this site has set me on what I hope is the right path. Our circumstance are these. We're in a 3 bed terrace in a good area for work, and schools. Eldest in year 8 at secondary, youngest in year 4 at Juniors. She'll move to her sisters school when the time comes. It's not my wifes "dream house" TBH it's not mine either but bugger that, I want out of the slavery to bankers game. :angry: Mortgage is currently £110k. Got an endowment maturing next year, projected to pay out £47k. This March we're off our fixed rate 5.44% and go to bank +2% so disposable income will take a leap upwards. And I've had a 7k pay rise this year, (due April) for good performance and because we're now working shifts. I'm a higher rate taxpayer. We're with Nationwide and we're seeing them Wednesday. My wife has a term time job (she's not a teacher so no comments about gold plated public sector pensions please We will have about £600 a month a spare cash. Less when the schools are out. I want to overpay to get rid of the remainder asap. How do I play it with Nationwide? What are the pertinent questions I need to be asking? What are the games, if any, they'll try to play to keep me on the hook? What is the best way forwards? Do we take variable and over pay £300 a month? Do we go interest only and invest the spare in an ISA? Do I fix again and overpay? Any advice gratefully received. I don't want to [email protected] this up. Thanks.
  7. So say the OBR. My link This alongside the news that the median household income in 2015 will be the same as it was in 2002. Has the world gone ******ing nuts?
  8. What "changes" would you be referring to? It's quire hard to magic up aircraft arriving and departing. They tend to be noticed by people.
  9. 150k? LMAO. Halve that for the vast majority (short haul), and that's for senior guys. A BA 744 Capt would be on cica £100k, but £150k is dream land. Easyjet and Ryanscair would be even less than the figures above.
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