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  1. Also the Stoozing Forum is a good place to read
  2. Sicily, home of the mafia. How much does protection cost
  3. The limit is £5K per year not £3K and you don't need ID here, especially if you use more than one dealer. Bairds are very accommodating and so are ATS
  4. £100K betting bank, I'd aim for £1K per week profit on the horses on Betfair (you'd be banned by any bookie if you did this to them )
  5. So that's why I got a leaflet through this morning about 'What to do in the event of a Radiation Emergency'
  6. It has changed (several times) very recently, debatable whether it's for the better though
  7. They could alway hold a 'last man standing at the bar' drinking contest Hold on, Kennedy would win that though
  8. Too complex, go back to Basic 10 PRINT "You must buy now, prices always go up" 20 GOTO 10
  9. Already been done, it was the Sinclair ZX81 (without 16K rampack)
  10. Liontrust and Framlington Income funds also have BAT as one of their top holdings, and they're Mid-Cap as opposed to Invesco Perpetual High Income which is a Large-Val fund. I think utilities and tobacco are the staples for most income funds.
  11. I never look at the APR for any of my cards, all I want to know is when the 0% finishes so I can change from minimum payment to full payment.
  12. Acually, if you have a cashback credit card then No. 7 is a good thing to do.
  13. FWIW I'd say charge1 is mortgage and charge2 a secured loan.
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