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  1. Bump Agree - very bad - less than 5% success in loading pages for me. Taken 20 minutes to post this
  2. My gold stash is all physical, all in sovs and brits to avoid CGT. I have a little physical silver but most is with Goldmoney to avoid VAT. If I sold all the silver today, I would be liable for CGT. I want to use up my CGT allowance but I don't want to be out of the market for 30 days in case the price of PM's shoots up. In the past, many investors used to realise a gain equivalent to the CGT tax-free allowance on the last day of the old tax year, and then buy exactly the same investment back again at the start of the new tax year. But the so-called "bed-and-breakfasting" loophole was close
  3. I think this is a worthy enough story for me to make my annual post - I don't think this has been posted before - apologies if it has Mortgage company in US goes to court to foreclose a property - home owner says "where's the paperwork, prove that I owe 'you' the money" - Mortgage company produces paperwork - home owner is former fraud investigator specialising in forged documents - uncovers MASSIVE forgery operation - thousands and thousands of forged documents signed by people hired to knock out 350 signatures an hour for 10 bucks an hour in forged mortgage document sweat shop. Watch the
  4. My old Dad (84) has been frugal all his life. He has lived on his own for the last ten years, during which time it has become a bit of an obsession, although he’s not a ‘struggling’ pensioner. He had a water meter installed when they were first offered to domestic users. He has a water butt from which he transfers water to 5 adjacent plastic dustbins for storage. Uses this for the garden, washing the car and also for filling an array of 5ltr plastic containers that are taken indoors, lined up in the bathroom and used to fill the cistern when he needs to flush. There is also a brick in the
  5. I rather like this place http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/taysid...ral/7574619.stm
  6. Well I kinda thought that too but Gordy & Al need every penny they can lay their mitts on. Any advance on 7% anyone? Ps. Excellent music links PP
  7. I notice you pay 7% VAT on these. I believe they are shipped from Germany. Does anyone know if you get hit with additional VAT if delivered to the UK? Cheers
  8. Yeah, the joker would have made it into the cabinet too if he hadn't been against the smoking ban
  9. "it's a huge sh*t sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite. " Full Metal Jacket
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