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  1. So basically they just fancy anyone on the telly. Morons. Do they fancy Yvette Cooper then?
  2. Surely they ought to be forced to sell their second homes? If not, surely the second home would be classified as 'savings' or 'assets' or something worth way way way over £16k. They cannot be allowed to help these people. To be quite honest, anyone who can't pay their mortgage should be kicked out and forced to rent like the rest of us. Cannot believe anyone has anything serious to say otherwise.
  3. Signing on? Not so cushy for them hopefully. Won't govt be forcing them all to 'help old people, 'paint public toilets', 'dig allotments' or somesuch public service? I'll be giving 'em a cheery wave. Can't wait for the cocky rich builders / electricians and other property boom magnates plus their WAG wives start moaning about not being able to afford to send kids to private school. Can't wait.
  4. Riots. Savers leaving the country. Savers putting money in foreign banks. A LOT of anger.
  5. Rents tumbling down Brighton n Hove way. Yay! I'll be demanding rent reduction when my fixed term comes up. Am looking around for nice plush pad in case LL tells me to eff off. Lots to choose from!
  6. You reckon rents are rising in the UK? No. They rose until April this year, and then started falling on a national level.
  7. Aren't couples supposed to stick togther during hard times because people too broke to survive alone? Or do the women think, oh well, he's broke anyway so I might as well be broke on me own?
  8. Brighton is no. 1 hotspot for BTL landlords. Sometimes the only traffic on the roads is the vanloads of handymen off to do yet another bodge up repair on yet another rented property. So depressing. And you can easily spot the landlords / property developers round town, too. Because other than them, everyone else is a chav, a tramp, a couldn't-afford-to-buy-in-London-media type, gay, or an OAP (they're the worst btw, really rude, you've gotta watch 'em). Worthing. Met some 'yummy mummy' WAGs there recently. All mouthing off about the 4/5 bed, grade II listed houses they were about to buy / had just bought for £250K. But oh dear, they 'just couldn't stand Worthing really because it's so chavvy and horrible. No proper yoga. No decent clothes shops. As for the schools! We have to drive all the way in to Brighton and send all 3/4 kids to private.' Needless to say, most of them were married to builders, electricians, prop developers and landlords. So wonder what's gonna happen to the local private schools once there's no work for the majority of their students' daddies?
  9. http://www.rics.org/RICSWEB/getpage.aspx?p...G2km2Z0mEPOr1BA And here's the RICS news story on rents dropping. So landlords, don't even dare ask for a rent rise or your tenants will move somewhere better and cheaper. And feel free to make as many improvements as you can in order to keep your tenants happy. Prediction: soon tenants will be able to demand that the evil Section 21 repossession order, which denies them their right to 2 months notice, cannot be served on them. Tenants should ask for this to be put in writing before signing a tenancy agreement saying something to the effect that they would never have agreed to move in to the property had they known the section 21 would be served on them. And the prospective landlord should sign it. We're getting there. Had to be the hard way tho', didn't it. Greedy greedy people.
  10. So all you greedy landlords and fibbing letting agents can stop trying to hoik our rents up because the drop in rents is all out in the open. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7733245.stm <!-- RICS.org content start--> <a href="http://www.rics.org/RICSWEB/getpage.aspx?p=c5QRNg_G2km2Z0mEPOr1BA" title="Glut of supply pushes rents down">Glut of supply pushes rents down</a> <!-- RICS.org content end-->
  11. As a renter the 'joke' must be on me because I don't find it funny at all. I really thought 'Thank God! At f***ing last some help for renters!!' Why is it 'funny'? Or am I just too pissed off with renting from greedy LLs to laugh anymore?
  12. Please try to be patient. I would have hope you would have wanted to HELP renters. Sarcasm NOT really helpful! I have read the pinned threads several times over and NOTHING IS CLEAR. We need a pinned thread for prospective renters that they can print off and take along to viewings. NOT pages and pages of thread with all kinds of links that make your head spin. E.G. The 'Sword Of Damocles' thread, though it's good that it is there, does not make it clear what a prospective tenant should do when actually handed a Section 21. Can't anyone here just write a simple step by step points system to negotiate your way through the contractual minefield of renting a new property. 99% of renters in my experience are just young-ish kids who simply will not wade through incomprehensible legalese of their contracts, or convoluted, boring threads to see how they are being ripped off. Someone on here knows the score. Help! Thanks again.
  13. [Lenders can chase homeowners for mortgage debts for up to six years. A forced repossession will seriously damage a credit rating, making it hard for a borrower to secure credit in future.[/b] They really should be chased for the debt forever. 6 years is nothing.
  14. I'm glad this thread came up. As a renter I've had some harsh face offs with homeowner friends recently that left me feeling sad and embattled. A year ago they were all bemused and amused by my apparently eccentric refusal to buy. Badgered endlessly, I eventually said I was waiting for the crash. They all thought I was insane. Now they waver between terror and denial. Yes, they all live in highly desirable catchment areas. Yes, they 'lucky enough to buy just in time so even if things go down to 2003 prices they'll still be ok'. No, none of them 'have to move so they'll sit it out.' When they are sober they try to wheedle out of me when I plan to buy. I think they think that the minute i decide to buy will be the 'bottom' of the market and so then they can go, 'Phew, so my house is still worth blah blah even though we're at the bottom! Yippee!' Some think the HPC is over. When they are drunk they get very angry and see me as a bringer of doom, shooting the messenger even though I have never commented on their decisions to be overstretched or to release equity through liar loans. I try to be circumspect but am asked endlessly, 'So, um, thinking of buying soon?' and they the asker gets annoyed when I say no because this answer totally threatens their whole life!
  15. Oh dear. I think you're right. Spring bouce plus a sneaky bulltrap could see a rental shitblip til end of summer. Hmm. But on other hand, surely lots of wannabe LLS will be putting props on market AND having them for rent at ame time. Difficult situation. Ta for response.
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